Welcome to the Nirtous Paintshop, created by me, Nitrous. I've always wanted to just have a little place on the net to show off my work, so here it is. Hope you enjoy what's inside. Most cars are available at Short Track Sim.com. Enjoy!

Introduction to Sim Racing by Nitrous

What is Sim Racing you might ask? Well it's pretty much anything that isn't EA Sports. lol, just kiddin (even though it might just be true). Sim Racing is a simple term for a racing game on the computer that is more in depth than most. Nascar Racing 2003 is probably the most popular of any racing sim that is out right now. Made by Papyrus/Sierra in their last year of their contract with Nascar. They did all they could to make sure they made a game that set high standards for EA Sports, which it has, and EA still hasn't caught up, but since that time, Papyrus has closed their doors, a close call to closing all online racing, and still this game is just as powerful as ever. This game is the most in depth Nascar Sim that is out on the market, being able to setup your car just about any way you want, and with great mods by people like SuperSpeedway.net and Dakota Sim, keep this game up to date, while also allowing you to drive cars from the past as well. One of the biggest things about the game, and the biggest focus at this site, is the ability to paint your own cars with programs such as Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. You can pretty much make any type of car you want, which is what this site is all about. So go to EBay, buy yourself NR2003 and get racing!

Yes, most of the time I do take requests. Please leave what mod you want it for, car model, and sponsor, number and colors that you would like. I will try to get it, but I'm a busy man, so I can't guarantee anything. Please send all requests to [email protected].

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