Of course the current cars is the base mod for NR2003, but I also included the COT and SS.net's new NNC07 mod. Hope you like them, they go all the way back to my first ever paint job.

Kevin Harvick's 2007 Busch Daytona win car - Download

My 2007 Masgrafx Racing League ride

My first car I made for the NNC07 Mod by Super Speedway.net. Sponsored by Briggs And Stratton and NOS

My cars I ran briefly in the Wascar Busch Series in mid 2007. Had to quit because my internet was causing me a lot of troubles while racing.

Car I did as a request for Theo Olson. White car is the regular requested ride, and the black one is a reverse scheme.

2008 Camping World East Project

#3 Austin Dillon - Download

#4 Ricky Carmicael

#15 Brian Ickler

#40 Matt Kobyluck


My first COT that I made for Dan's COT mod.

The second car I ended up making for racing offline. I think this is one of my favorites of all time. Also ran in the SWG racing league for a few races online.

Car I ran in honor of Dale Earhardt in the SWG Racing League

Car I made to run against my 1995 carset offline

Made this car as my ride for online racing in 2007, never made it to the track though.

Made this car after the car I entered for the Pepsi "You Design It, Jeff Drives It" promotion

Kevin Harvick Reese's fictional

It's pretty much tredition for any Dale Jr. fan to make a 'what if Jr. drove the 3' car, made this basic and as realistic as I could.

Fictional Jeff Burton ride I made, Holiday Inn as the sponsor

Once Dale Jr. announced he was leaving DEI, I had a little fun with some fictionals

Man those burgers are good!

First ever real request

Denny Hamlin Alternate

Metallica request, numbers look a little weird to me I must say.

Back In Black Chevrolet

Brandon Barker's car

My dad's car

My first attempt at a real car, my friend Josh Cantara's Late Model turned Stock Car

These are the first cars I made, note that I had a lot to learn as a painter. ; ]

Dunkin Donuts car

Mountain Dew car

Car based off my two karts of 2006

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