Here's a gallery of all the Late Models I've created. If you'd like them in your game just click Download next to the available rides, most cars are for use with the LMPv2 mod for Nascar Racing Season 2003 and come with crew and ratings. Remember there are alot more quality rides available at Short Track Sim! And also, support your local race tracks, you never know, the drivers you watch there may be the next superstar.

My 2008 Ride

Kevin Harvick's winning TD Banknorth 250 car - Download

David Oliver's 2008 Pro Stock ran at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway - Download

My 1990 Late Model

An old beat up 34 car

Almost every short track has one of these cars or something close to it, tribute to Dale! - Download

Late Model I did for Andrew Schaller

Request I did for Jesse Bunell

Requst I did for DAWGFATER

The car I'll be using in the 2007 ASRS Snowball Derby

John Soucy's Late Model - Download

The 2008 PASS North Project

That's right, I'm already beginning work on the 2008 set. With three cars being unvieled at the Motorsports Show in Augusta, ME, I knew i had to get started. Here's what's available so far.

#2 Mike Rowe - Download

#4 Ben Rowe
- Download

#8 Cassius Clark - Download

#14 Rick Martin - Download

#15 Steve Berry - Download

#17 Travis Benjamin - Download

#17 Travis Benjamin (2nd Half) - Download

#33 Richie Dearborn - Download

#35 Derek Ramstrom - Download

#44 Trevor Sanborn - Download

#47 Kelly Moore - Download

#51 Alex Haase - Download

#54 Johnny Clark - Download

#60 DJ Shaw - Download

#81 Josh Cantara - Download

#84 Scott Mulkern - Download

#98 Adam Bates - Download


Whelen Modifieds
PASS 2007
Snowball Derby 2007

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