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'Ello people, visitors, and friends. You've reached the 6th version of what will eventually be a collection of all my works that I've done for school in the last few years. I've got Essays, works o' Fiction, and the ocasional piece of poetry.

I've put all this crap online for a couple of reasons. One is incase my coputer crashes. Again. Another is so that I might possibly help some people who need it, just as long as they don't steal. 'Course ego plays heavily into it as well. I'll keep adding stuff here as I'll keep having to do more assignments as time goes on.
News and commentary.
6-15-02-AM Got bored and added a web Camster, that should theoreticly work...
The Essay Area and Peotic License are open to the public and linkied to death. Added 'custom' Home buttons to Folder pages, files link back to Folder pages, and to Index. Work begun on Other project.
Fiction Dept. up and running with all files linked and working.
4-28-02 Site all typed up and all files HTML'd, though not yet accessable.
Obligatory Copywrite Notice:
All works contained herin are copywrite to nitro_pb and his offline alias, who's name is not mentioned due to rampant parnoia.
Hey guys/gals, drop me a line to tell me what you think of my rambledness. I can be reached at [email protected] and most days on AOL's AIM under
mr nitro pb .
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