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Guiding Questions
Guiding Questions to get Started by Alex M.

These Guiding Questions were written by Alex Montadon, and are designed to help the beginner roboteer get started.  Remember that verteran roboteers are great sources of information.  But this list is a good place to start.

Before Planning

How much am I willing to invest � in both time and money?
What tools and materials do I have ready at my disposition?
Where can I find the parts I need?
Do I need help from other people?
What designs do spectators like and dislike?
Will I stay motivated during the process of building the robots?
What are my robot�s weaknesses and how can I improve on them?
Do I know how to use tools and equipment properly?
Will I stare my robot from scratch or will I modify and existing robot/RC car?

What kind of robot do I want?
How can I get the most traction from my wheels?
Are my designs and ideas technically plausible?
Can my robot move left, right, forward and backwards?
Is everything planned and will I need to make changes?
How much time will my robot need to build?
What kind of controllers will I use on my robot? (switches?  RC speed controller chip?)
How will the power be transmitted from the motor to the wheels? (powertrain)
What will I use to control the speed and direction of my robot? (tank/car style steering?)
Are my motors powerful enough to power my robot?
What kinds of batteries will I use?

Does my design pass the rules and regulations?
Is my design safe - both when building and competing?
Have I read the rules and am I familiar with them?

What weapon would be effective against my opponent?
How can we make one work that is also reliable and effective?
Will they be allowed in the competition?

What are my opponent�s weaknesses and how can I use them to my advantage?
What are the opponent robot driver�s weaknesses and how could I use them to my advantage?
How can my opponent be defeated?


What are my robot�s weaknesses and how can I improve on them?
Can I make my robotw with modular parts custom made for different fighting styles?
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