NIST Interschool Tactical Robotics Organization
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NITRO Meetings
When is NITRO going to be held?
  The club will hopefully become an official club starting the year of 2004-2005.  Meetings will be held once a week (preferably after school with emergency lunchtime meetings).  An interested teacher needs to be found who can help coordinate and correspond with the administration.  This is going to be completely run and organized by me, and I will correspond with all teams through email and homeroom notices.

What parts does one need to make a combat robot and where do I buy them?
  Never fear, Frank is here, and has already thought about this.  Our robots will be simple, drive-by-wire inventions that require very little knowledge to create.  They will also be made from parts that are available in Bangkok for next to nothing.  A simple list of all parts (in order of importance) is listed below.

Assembly, Materials and Where to buy
Chassis: Wood, Acrylic, Metal
-  Chinatown, recycled
Motors: 3-9V gearhead motors
- Second-hand from R/C stores, old power tools, buy new ones from Baan-Mo
Batteries: 1.5V AA batteries in series, or 9V cells
- From old power tools, or buy new ones
Powertrain: Gears, pulleys, axles
- Buy from Baan-Mo
Wheels: R/C car wheels (?)
- Recycle from old toys, buy new ones, or make your own
Circuitry: Wires, circuitry
- Buy from electronics shop, design and solder your own
Contoller: Wires, switches, wood
- Make your own, including
Armor: Wood, Acrylic, Metal
- Recycle, or buy new
Weapon: Saws, Hammers, Spears, Spikes, Drills
- Design and make your own, use parts from old tools with modification
Weapon system: Wires, motor, switches
- Design and implementation varies depending on weapon system

What are the NITRO meetings like?
  The first season of NITRO RoboWarriors will be held next academic year.  Each season should last about 8-10 weeks.  Idealistically, we should have a pilot project this year, to gauge the interest and feasibility of the project.

Meeting, Topic and What to do
1 Introduction to NITRO: Analyze a few existing robots, modify and improve on designs to make a final design
2 Discussion about robot design concepts: Draw out parts layout, as well as list needed parts
3 Discussion about parts, details about motors and batteries: Organize excursion to Baan-Mo to buy second-hand and new parts
4 Discussion about construction techniques: Start construction of Chassis
5 Discussion about parts: Continue Construction, add parts
6 Discussion about controller/circuit design: Build controllers
7 Test run and discussion on possible improvement: Buy or modify parts
8 Discussion on battle tactics: Finishing touches
Competition Day Competition!
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NITRO Meetings
Robot Criteria
Competition Procedure
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Contact the Organizer
Frank (Tha-An) Lin
[email protected]
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