Pant Maharaj Balekundrikar
Sadguru Site describing Pant Maharaj Balekundrikar.
A great saint from India, the land of spiritual wealth. India has guided the world on the road of devotion since times immemorial. India has given the world many saints like Tukaram, Dyaneshwar, Ramdas and quite a few from recent times like Akkalkot swami, Narsimhasaraswati, Manikprabhu, Ramkrishna Paramhansa. These saints showed the masses the way to reach to the Almighty while living the normal family life. Shri Pant Maharaj demonstrated the existence of the God within everyone and ways to attain eternal bliss in simple ways without needing intricate Yoga procedures or 'sanyasa'. He explained the concepts of 'Sahaj samadhi', 'ajapajap', etc. He also preached the message of love, the strength of truth and devotion to Sadguru, the teacher, the guide and the friend on divine path. He belonged to the Avdhoot sect.
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