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My mission is to provide you accurate translation proofread by native speakers of your target language in the format you need.



Legal Translation:

Being a Native Arabic Speaker, an Attorney at Law in Israel (mastering Arabic and Hebrew as native languages), a holder of Masters in Law from a U.S. University, having practiced law in one of the largest law firms in the U.S., and having more than four years of experience in translation and working with many translation agencies around the world qualify me to offer unique, accurate, and professional translation in the legal field from and into Arabic, English and Hebrew.

Other Translations:

In addition to legal translation, my service covers other translations as well, including medical reports, informed consent forms for medical trials, hospital brochures, school related materials, miscellaneous correspondences, news articles, websites, etc…

Other Languages:

Through collaboration with other translators, I am expanding my service to include English<>Spanish translation and localization.

Contact Information

In the U.S.A.                                                                              In Israel:

Telephone                                                                               Telephone
832-771-3087                                                                 ++972-507-565638
FAX                                                                                            FAX   
          309-276-1564                                                                 ++972-151-507-565638
Postal address                                                                        Postal Address
2111 Holly Hall #3905                                                     Shikun Hapoalim 36
          Houston, TX 77054                                                         Nazareth, 16000
Electronic mail                                                                       
General Information: [email protected] [email protected]


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