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Nasrin Khill


2003       University of Houston Law Center                      Houston, Texas

LL.M. Intellectual Property and Information Law

Awards: Israeli Arab Scholar / U.S. Department of State.


1994 – 1998        The Hebrew University of Jerusalem          Jerusalem, Israel

LL.B. (June - 1998)

Professional Experiences


Freelance Legal Translator

·      Worked with many translation agencies and law firms around the world. Provided legal, medical, and general translation including the translation of contracts, court rulings and pleadings, official certificates, miscellaneous correspondences, medical reports, informed consent forms for medical trials, hospital brochures, news articles, school curricula, etc… from and into Arabic, Hebrew and English. 

2003 – 2004          Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.                  Houston, Texas

Foreign Legal Consultant

§         Joined the International Arbitration Group and served as a Foreign Legal Consultant on cases concerning investment disputes between U.S. entities and Middle Eastern Governments. Reviewed large amounts of Arabic and English legal documents, conducted legal research under the laws of various Middle Eastern jurisdictions, drafted factual and legal memoranda, prepared for discovery and communicated with Middle Eastern entities. The nature of the work included translation of lengthy legal documents from and into the Arabic language.


2000 – 2001          Magistrate Court of Nazareth                    Nazareth, Israel

Legal Assistant & Internal Mediator

§         Conducted legal research and assisted in drafting decisions in civil cases (Torts, Lease and Landlord, Real Property, Commercial and Family Law).

§         Head of the Mediation Department annexed to the Court: Reviewed all civil lawsuits filed with the court and determined which should be mediated, persuaded parties to use the mediation process, and coordinated with different mediators and mediation institutes.

§         Internal Mediator – Appointed by the Court to mediate many cases, especially in Commercial Law and Family Law.


1999                        Dr. Awni Mansour’s Law Firm                    Nazareth, Israel

Attorney at Law 

Drafted lawsuits and contracts, represented small business in different transactions and litigated lawsuits in tort law.





1998 – 1999            The District Court of Nazareth                  Nazareth, Israel

Law Clerk

Conducted legal research and provided legal opinions on numerous civil issues, including Torts, Injuries, Contracts, Civil Procedure and Jurisdiction.   

Professional Memberships

Israeli Bar Association (May – 1999)






Hebrew, Arabic, and English.

Available upon request. 


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