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Following is the list of some cool links I have accumulated. 

bulletSome Cool Debates
bullet Digital Philosophy .. gives a crazy idea of a new understanding of this world, us and god... i like it
bullet Making Microsoft Safe for capitalism by James Gleick
bullet The Great Debate Compilers Vs Humans
bulletThis is my seminar report on Wireless LAN's. It gives a good discussion on 802.11 and Bluetooth
bulletStuff about MS and Phd's
bulletA graduate school survival guide.
bulletThis page has a lot of stuff on graduate school
bulletRepetitive Strain Injury ..sometimes prevention is the only option
bulletList of companies working in VLSI design in India can be found here
bulletNews Websites
bulletGoogle news.
bullet Asia Times - South Asia

NDTV.com - Latest News from India

bullet All you need to know about Latex, Table, Column & Pictures
bullet Help On LaTeX Commands
bullet Hints about tables and figures in LaTeX
bullet Including graphics in LaTeX-PDF documents
bullet LaTeX help 1.1 - Table of Contents
bullet LaTeX reference
bullet LaTeX Tricks Page Set-up
bullet Squeezing Space in LaTeX
bullet Bibtex
bullet Quick BibTeX Tutorial.
bullet bibtex
bullet Index of files in -pub-tex-bibtex




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