Greetings young Scholars and Elder Wizards to the new home of the Arcanum. Here, you can access the scrolls which have been handed down from generation to generation which contain  spells, skills, and many more subjects pertaining to us, the Elemental Masters and Mistresses of Niord.  
     On behalf of our present Master Of Elements and guild leader, Xyan, I'd like to humbly welcome you to the guild. We are deeply rooted in the history and success of Carendel, and the life of a wizard is not one of great ease. Our real mates call to us to protect them with our Ancient knowledge of shielding spells, to be able to mutter a few words and locate our enemy's so they may be disposed of, and to run into battle with a full heart, helping Niord accomplish his goal of total domination over the lands of Arnak and Ra' Kur.  
     Below you will find a listing of the categories I have placed our historical scrolls into. Please click on the link below to enter that area of the site and gain further knowledge of power we have in our grasp, and how to better yourself to be the best follower of Niord you can possibly be. If you still have any questions, or have any comments about this site, please e-mail me by clicking below.  

                       Best of luck to you all,  

                              Jiusa Al'cai 
                              Arcane of the Arcanum 
                              Crusader in the Army of Niord

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