ATTENTION: Game & Watch games/boxes need care, so please read the TOP 10 ways not to destroy the value of the game/box.
In order to ensure that your boxes and games will not become damaged you must follow this TOP 10 list:

1. Never place your game/box near any wet climate areas.

2. Do not Clean your LCD screen with water.

3. Keep the games padded so they do not get scratched.

4. Keep your game/box in a dark area. NO SUNLIGHT

5. Dust can cause discolor so do not leave your game/box out.
6. When playing with your games make sure your hands are clean.
7. After playing with your games do not leave the batteries inside.
8. Don't loose your Batter Cover, make sure it is secure.

9. Do not crush the game/box when storing them.

10. Keep away from children and animals.
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