Who made Game & Watches?
What is a Game & Watch?
When were Game & Watch games made? Why were these games made?
How many of these games were made? 
Settle down, all questions are answered on this page!
1. What is a Game & Watch?
A game and watch is a handheld video game created mostly during the 1980's.

2. Who made Game & Watches?
A guy name Gunpei Yokoi was the creater of the handheld games, and he worked for

3. How many Game & Watch games were made?
A total of 60 different games were created.  Only 59 of them were released to the public.  The Special game Super Mario Bros. was given out only as a prize to the winners in the Famicon F1 Race tournament. Only 11,790 were made.

4. Is Nintendo the only company who distributed these games?
No, Nintendo hired other companies to distribute these games.  Each company recreated the box, and placed there comany logo on the game and the box.  There were a total of 7 different companies. CGL who distributed in the UK, Ji21 in France, Videopoche in France, Futuretronics in Australia, Tric-o-tronic who in Germany, Pocketsize in Canada, and Mego who distributed in the USA.

5. How many different style games were created?
11 different style games were created.  Each game is classified in a certain series.  Silver, Gold, Widescreen, New Widescreen, Multi-screen, Tabletop, Panorama, Supercolor, Micro vs. System, Crystal Screen, and Special.

6. What are Pocketsize games?
Pocketsize games were handheld Game & Watches released in Canada.  The distributer in Canada created very unique boxes of most of the handheld games.  Instead of a dull box, each box contained a cartoon graphic of the game.  The nice illustration on these boxes has caused a high demand from collectors.  Prepare to pay alot of money for these type of boxed games.

7. Why do some games come in a white box?
It is believed that Nintendo sent display models to shops in white OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) boxes.  Only know models were Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong 2, and BlackJack.

8. Why do some boxes have a number stamed on the inside flap?
If a box has a number stamed on the flap, this means the box is a first edition release.

9. Why are the Mego. Corp Time Out handheld games similar to Game & Watches?
Before Nintendo started to release the Game & Watch series they signed a contract with the company mego to distribute their games under the toy name Time Out.  The company Nintendo is printed on all the Mego games.  Only 4 games were produced until they decited to create the Game & Watch series.  All four games are the exact duplicate games of the silver Game & Watch releases.  Games include: Toss Up (Ball), Flag Man (Flagman), Exterminator (Vermin), Fireman Fireman (Fire).

10.  What other official companies produced games for Nintendo?
A company named Coleco did produce Nintendo's hit arcade game Donkey Kong onto a Table Top version. Most recently in 1997 Stadlbauer has created mini playable keychains of some of the Game & Watch games. A total of 10 keychains were created. Games include: Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Jr., Parachute, Fire, Octopus, Mario's Cement Factory, Snoopy Tennis, Zelda, Oil Panic, and Donkey Kong.
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