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DECEMBER 09, 2002
Santa can't be real! If he can tell how good or bad Ive been, how come he's been giving me presents all these years?!
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Mario's Musical Corner
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The Zelda Challenge!!!!!!                                                                         -cloud
If you rearrange, substitue, and subtract some letters from "GameCube" it actually SPELLS "God." Dwell on THAT for a while.
Mario plays for you an X-mas classic, Go Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.
As that wonderful beloved cherished release date draws closer to us, you may notice the lack of impressions or updates on the new Zelda game for the gamecube. This is not because we aren't interested in Zelda. Heavens no, quite the opposite! We here at NintendObsession love Zelda more than pretty much anything, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is going to blow away our expectations with surprisingly innovative gameplay and graphics. Sporting it's cool new cell shading, you can expect this game to be ( in one word ) sweet. But to truly allow this game to shine, you have to take up the Zelda Challenge. Not an easy task I assure you, especially for those of you who surf the net a lot. The Zelda Challenge is to not read anything about Zelda's storyline or even look at screenshots or read reviews. Though this is indeed a daunting task, it will be well worth it when you are holding in your hands the new Zelda: The Wind Waker case and you are about to embark on a magnificent adventure that you truly know nothing about. So go ahead and take the Zelda Challenge. I DARE you!
Great X-mas accesories!!!!                                                             -cloud
SNAP                                                                      -cloud
As further proof that things are looking up for the whole Nintendo/Sega/Sony thing, Sega is developing an online system for GCN and PS2 owners similar to Xbox Live, but this is dubbed a much cooler name than stupid Microsoft could ever think of. Snap. . This will enable game developers to easily and cheaply create online games for the cube. This is super duper great news and will definatly help out the cube which sorley lacks online titles. This is great news and could indeed be the start of a beautiful friendship.
Here are a few great gamecube accesories to make this X-mas magical and special and all that other mushy crap.
1.ACSII Keyboard/Controller Hybrid ( Japan Only )  $90
2. 56k Modem                                                           
3.GBA/Gamecube link                                               
4.Mad Catz Surround sound system                           
5. GCN E-card reader                                                  $30
MEGATON                                                                                 -cloud
( prices above are estimated and are not guaranteed to be SRP )
Wouldn't this be a great Christmas present? Though the proposition of Nintendo joining ranks with Capcom, Sega, and Sony seems a bit... well, humerous to say the least. Rumor has it that something to that effect may be taking place. Nintendo made several press releases stating that something very BIG will happen soon that will make gamecubes "fly off the shelves!" In fact, you can expect to hear what this 'something' is within a matter of weeks. It may very well have something to do with a Nintendo/Sony compromise because apparently a Nintendo lawyer found out that Nintendo has rights to the name 'playstation'. If this is true, then Nintendo can sue Sony for all of the profits they have ever made on PSX and PS2 systems. Keep in mind this is only rumor, but we will soon find out the shocking truth, so stay tuned to NintendObsession.
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