Abortion is "a medical procedure regulated under the Canada Health Act, and therefore there is an implicit obligation to monitor quality of care"
( Ferris, McMain-Klein, Colodny, and Lamont 1996, p.2).

    Possible complications may arise whether one chooses to carry the pregnancy to full term or choose to have an abortion. Therefore, this affects the health of the women regardless of the women's choice or the outcome of the pregnancy. It is well documented that illegal abortion resulted in higher morbidity and mortality.

    In order to prevent these complications, our society needs to look at making abortion safe, accessible and uncomplicated. Having a stricter law on abortion would mean harder access for these women. Whether, laws make abortion legal or illegal women who are desperate could find ways to have it done. It is a matter of outweighing the pros and cons in deciding to have an abortion. However, will making the abortion illegal stop these women in having an abortion? Finally, whose right is it to decide for one's choice in her life and the life on her womb?

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by Allen Delatorre
student nurse

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