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Japanese food is my favourite food.
Someday when I am surfing the internet for delicious Japanese food,
then i found this...

Somewhere someplace in the midst of the KL city, there is a presence of mysterious and unique legend of aura of japanese ninja themed restaurant which known as Ninja Jones. Secretive as it is…it is hidden in the opposite building of Mid Valley that you can’t miss it to try..

Through a secret path door, greeted with great welcome in Japanese with the curved walkway adds a mysterious touch to the entrance of the restaurant and its high exquisite decoration of this unique restaurant as well as its excellence service will not fail to amaze you. From its display of ornaments to the service attendants (waiters) are dressed in ninja code. The place is surrounded with wonderful ambience filled with pleasant Japanese instrumental music and “ren” (忍) can be seen everywhere.



The design of this concept of ninja themed restaurant is excellent and exciting interior filled with lavish and uniqueness. It is been tailored made well by the owner of this restaurant to bring a pleasant surprise and uniqueness in this busy city. Apart from that, every wing room has its one and only unique design which varies from its lighting to its display of swords in each wing room.









It can be seen that few Japanese chefs are preparing the best and unique dishes while ensuring the freshness of ingredients and presenting it with style. The food served unusually, you can see it from the picture.



Well, let's see the food... ^^

California Roll Sashimi Platter Wangyu Beef steak Una Don Avocado & soft shell crab


Soft Shell Crab Temaki Salmon Sashimi BBQ mushroom Caterpillar Roll Ice-cream



Ninja Jones Japanese Restaurant
A-G-5 Ground Floor, Northpoint, Mid Valley City.

Tel: 03-22881646/1676

Business Hours:
Lunch 12:00pm - 2:30pm
Dinner 6:30pm - 10:30pm

Taking photo with a Ninja


Click here for more information about Ninja Jones izakaya and professional attracting photos.



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