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What is Ninja (忍者)?


Ninja, the word derives from the Japanese Shinobi-no-mono, which is written with two kanji characters (にんじゃ) that can also be
pronounced as nin-sha. In Chinese pronunciation is ren-zhe
(忍者). The first character, ren (忍), suggests concealment, while the second,
(者), means person.

A Ninja is a person who hides his presence, does covert and military operations. Ninja work as spy or assassin, lived in Japan at the
beginning of
14th century
and uses Ninjutsu.
They can used stars to navigate at night and use tree stump to determine the direction.
They looked at the growth rings to tell which direction was North. The rings become narrower and closer together as they approach
North and wider and further apart as they approach South.

Most people imagine that ninjas flew through the sky and disappeared, like Superman, waving ninja swords around, sneaking into the
enemy ranks and assassinating generals... This is a mistaken image of the ninja introduced by movies and comic books.

The jobs of a ninja are divided into the two main categories of performing
espionage and strategy.

What is
Ninjutsu (忍術)?

Ninjutsu began more than 800 years ago, it is not a martial art but is the ancient Japanese Art of the Ninja. Ninja is an underground class
of warriors trained to quickly gain entrance to hire security areas and achieve it's mission. Ninjas were usually trained from childhood
and continued learning the art of Ninjtsu from birth and was practiced in great secrecy. 

The art of Ninjutsu has no bounds. Their direct aim is assassination and espionage. They use many stealth and killer tactics including
ninja stars, throwing knives, poisons, darts, bow and arrows, karate, wrestling and guerilla warfare tactics.  Ninjutsu is best known for
their black uniforms and
shurikens (手裏剣 sword hidden in the hand.)


The Ninja's Weapon

Ninjas are assassin so they are a lot of different weapons use by them to defeat the enemies.
Here will show you the major weapons use by ninjas at that time.



The ninja shuriken was among the favourite tools of the ninja. It were hand released blades thrown at the enemy for distraction purposes. Sometimes the blades were poisoned to cause death. There are a number of different types of shuriken, among the most popular are the manji (swastika), hara (flat), sanpo (triangle), juji (cross), happo (star) and so on.

Ninja Ken

The ninja sword was actually at a very slight curve and the point had only one side sharpened and was always at a 45 degree angle. This seems irrelevent for the most part, but it is actually what gave the sword it's extreme power.

Kusara Kama
Basically the hand axe of Japan, with long range blade and chain weapon. The chain could be used to entangle and pull in the enemy to finish with the blade. 

Ninja Knife. The tanto was used to pry open doors, dig holes or small ditches, or it could be thrown like a shuriken. The tanto was carried inside the ninjaŽs uniform held firmly by his belt or sash. And was also used to cut and stab an opponent.

These small devices were worn around the ends of the fingers.  Their metal hooks could be used to slash at the enemy.  The tips were smeared with poison

There are many weapons used by ninjas to against enemies or to execute their missions. For more information, Ninja Weapons.




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