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~* Ninja #5 *~ profile

Ninja real name: Goh Pei Fen

Nickname: camel

Ninja code: #5-1000614085

Gender: Female

Age: a ninja's age is a secret

Date of Birth: 14 November

Height: 158cm

Weight: 46kg

Occupation: Day time --> student of Food Science & Nutrition
Night time --> Ninja

Mode of action: Depending on circumstances…unable to determine the speed..

Specialty: Able to withstand severe dehydration status (Desert Ninja)

Weapon: Happy: High out-pitching singing… (scaring enemies with unstoppable bursting into laughters)

Bored: Long undeniable annoying

Trouble: Drawing circle at the corner of the room.. (*  o(@~@)o

Greatest ambition: Enjoy all the delicacies and travel around the world

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