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What I spend my money on (cont.):

F * O * O * D

(This is the reason why I am always so broke! T_T)

Like most Malaysians, I loveeee my food! I spend a lot on food, and I do it regularly.... Food may be cheap, but when you keep eating and keep buying and keep eating and buying, it eventually adds up to A LOT, right? That is to say, I don't go for fine dining at 5 star hotels, but due to the amount I eat, I end up spending a lot on cheap/average-priced foods.



<<<<< Doughnuts I came across during my Genting trip last year. RM 3.60 for one! Then again, food is very very pricey in Genting :'(


Big Mouth Burgers always are delicious. ^__^ But expensive !!! Rare treat, this.  >>>>


The prawns are to-die-for. But oh no....super expensive!!! I lived on Maggi for almost a week after my Jogoya trip... :'(


So delicious....saying thanks to the God of Coconuts for this wonderful fruit!  :)


Sometimes, I make the mistake of spending unnecessary money on food that makes me ill! >.< The worse thing is when the food is sooooo pricey, so you can't throw it away as you secretly wish to. T____T


I was at this restaurant recently, a Japanese buffet place. Oh my goodness, this is one place that I really really regret going!! I usually can eat a LOT, but my appetite failed me in here. Not only was the restaurant so secluded, it totally destroyed all the good impression I had on sushi! T_T In this picture, I'm drinking this longan tong sui, which is super duper horribly unimaginable SWEET! Goodness....


This is another example of me regretting what I ordered. Don't get me wrong.. the food is award-winning, but I guess its too spicy for me! Oops, I forgot I cannot eat spicy food at all :( sob sob. I will be laughed at.


Before eating                                 >>>                        After/during eating



One day, I hope to have a restaurant named after me. Maybe I should open one, since I love eating so much!

     <<<    Yeah, baby! ^__^


At the end of the day,

Full Lye = Happy Lye ^__^


*~*~*~*  PeACe.... *~*~*~*

By the way, eating does not necessarily mean unhealthy! Unless you keep eating all those delicious but forbidden stuff la, hehe.  =)

Ate too much? You can go here!



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