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Now, I am going to talk about...What I spend my money on ^_^

Note: This is not about SERIOUS stuff like investing my money in real estate. It's about where a big part of my allowance goes to!   =P


1. Clothes

I always shop for clothes, but I seldom buy them. Even after discounts, the ones I fancy are still pricey! Grrr...

* clothes * clothes * * clothes *  clothes*


2. Books

Did I say books? I used to spend loads on story books, but now....I've found something more important.  =P



From books                                        to the                              Ghost of Books!



Besides, these days, books make me sleep. Lol!  



3. But enough about the minor stuff, I'm really eager to share with you all what I REALLY spend my money on!

Clothes, books, makeup, shoes, music cds, games, gadgets, transport, stationary, whatever you can name, they are nothing compared to what I'm going to talk about next.

This has taken up so much of my money, I actually have to become even more stingy than I already am, just to feel less guilty about spending sooooo much! In fact, sometimes although I feel the purchases are not *that* worth it,  I still can't refrain from spending and spending...oh no...

Enough of my rambling. Proceed?  =)




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