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Ninja of Optimistic






My slogan : Laughter can change the World!!!

~* Ninja #7 *~ profile


Ninja real name: Yong Ai Wei

Nickname: Lang Lang

Ninja code: #7-1000614363

Gender: Female

Age: a ninja's age is a secret

Date of Birth: 26 January

Height: 160.5 cm

Weight: 46 kg

Occupation: Day time --> student of Food Science & Nutrition
Night time --> Ninja

Mode of action: Mysterious come and go...leaving no trace...

Specialty: Able to laugh and laugh and laugh ( Optimistic Ninja )

Weapon: Happy: Cooling effect ( superb in cold jokes ) and unstoppable laughter...

scaring the enemies away...

Bored: Very quiet until let peoples think that she is hard to get near

Greatest achievement: Making iceberg in the middle of desert





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