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Mickey Mouse is arguably the most famous of the Disney cartoon characters. Mickey Mouse's original drawings used circles for his head, body and ears. 1939's "The Pointer" saw a bold, new design for Mickey as his body became more pear-shaped and pupils were added to his eyes to increase his range of expression. The Mickey Mouse of today appears much as he did in the early days with the exception of a costume change here and there. Mickey Mouse has appeared on thousands of merchandise items, and currently holds the esteemed title of Chief Greeter at the Disney theme parks. Mickey Mouse is proof that good guys finish first. With an optimistic outlook on life and a boyishly enthusiastic nature, these are the traits that make Mickey a real winner. He's a friendly kid-at-heart whose wholesome values and can-do spirit endear Mickey to everyone he meets. Unassuming and modest, he's an all-around "regular" guy who remains humble despite all his fame and success. With positive values and integrity, Mickey's the friend we'd all like to have and the person we'd like to be.


Debut: November 18, 1928 - Steamboat Willie

                    Featured Magazines: Time, Newsweek, Life, National Geographic, Good Housekeeping

                                             Past Roles: Firefighter, sorcerer's apprentice, explorer, football player, and more.

                                                                    Note of Interest: Mickey's head can be drawn using a quarter and two dimes.

                                                                                            Favorite Phrases: "Gosh!", "Oh, boy!", "Aw-Gee", "Uh-Oh!"

                                                                                                                Hobbies: Sports, spending time with Minnie and Pluto

                                                                                                                                      First Color Film: The Band Concert

                                                                                                                                                               Favorite Pet: Pluto (Nemesis is Figaro)

                                                                                                                                                                                       Height: 2 heads tall






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