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0(^.^)0 The Story between A Lamb and A Cow  0(^.^)0

Know why Ninja no.7 likes to draw lamb?? Actually it is because of Ninja no.7 surname is Yong, which when pronounce in Chinese is Yang(杨)and the pronunciation is same sound as lamb in Chinese. That is why I, Ninja no.7 like to draw lamb ^.^

OK!!! Let us begin the story between The lamb and The cow...

Once upon a time, there was a cute and naughty lamb called yang yang and also a cute and talented cow called ngau ngau which lived in a jungle. They both went for the same school in the jungle and were friends since kid and always play together. Their house is very near to each other which ngau ngau will need to walk around 10 minutes to reach yang yang's house. Almost everyday they went to school together. Although they are at the same age, yang yang treats ngau ngau just as a brother. One of the hobby of yang yang is she likes to play pranks on ngau ngau which looks stupid to her. That's funny!!! Ohya!!! Forgot to tell that yang yang is a female lamb but ngau ngau is a male cow. So, let's continue the story...

It is because of yang yang always is so naughty and playful, ngau ngau which is very quiet and polite at first was dislike yang yang much. But due to yang yang's parent and ngau ngau's parent were very good friends, and also yang yang's parent ask for help from ngau ngau to take good care on yang yang, he was forced to treat yang yang good as a sister. yang yang likes to make jokes on ngau ngau such as says that he has short short legs, has ugly and stupid looks, and always want to make fun of him. ngau ngau did not scold her back or angry with her because he knows that he is a gentleman and could not do this to a girl. So, he tolerates all that by himself. The same things happen and happen again until they turn into handsome and pretty young teenagers. When yang yang stop to disturb and make fun of ngau ngau, ngau ngau realizes that he is used to be joke by yang yang. He starts to feel uncomfortable when yang yang did not jokes and play with him. Slowly by slowly, they getting further away with each other until each of them have their own friends to mix with.

But one day, yang yang is cheated by a big bad wolf. Everyone in the jungle was very scare for this wolf because he had killed many life before. She being caught by the wolf and was brought into the inner jungle. When her small time partner ngau ngau get to know about this from yang yang's parent. He felt worry and by not wasting a single time, he ran into the inner jungle to look and save yang yang. Sooner, he managed to save yang yang out from the wolf devilly hand and kill the wolf. yang yang was very touched by ngau ngau's actions and feels that ngau ngau was very brave and willing to sacrificed his life to save her. In the fight between ngau ngau and the wolf, ngau ngau was injured. yang yang feels sad for this and she promises to herself says that she will take care of him until he is fully recover. Because of this incident, they become close back as before and everyday yang yang will comes visit ngau ngau and helps him out with the wound. After few weeks, ngau ngau is fully recover.

Slowly by slowly, ngau ngau discovers that he had falls in love with yang yang. At first, he dares not propose to yang yang because he is not sure that yang yang will likes him. But one day, he accidently brings out this topic to yang yang. Who knows that yang yang has the same feeling towards ngau ngau. Sooner, they become couple and this had become a big new in the jungle because a cow had falls in love with a lamb. Wow!!! How wonderful it is!!! But, because of this 2 different species first time fall in love, they do not know how to be sweet between couple, so that is why sugar (糖) is added to make them become more sweet...great job!!! There, they get married and live a happy life together^.^

So, that is the end of my story...haha...HaPPy EnDinG!!!

To be continue...


~By ninja #7 aIweI~





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