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  Ahh, the subtle dance between two or more people in a Free Form setting.
A dance, when well choreographed, can leave one character pummeled to tiny
bits at the feet of another.

  A dance full of excitement, not to mention a test to one’s typing skills
and vocabulary all rolled up into one. Unfortunately, one bad sentence can
suddenly swing what is supposed to be fun, into frustrating and hostile OOC

 Combat is divided into turns. The attacker goes, then the defender.
Then rolls are reversed. 

Thayne attacks Waspe, aiming the club at her head. Waspe hisses as the Club 
smacks into her shoulder. Waspe turns around and tries to sweep kick Thayne. 
Thayne jumps up, over her leg, laughing, “Not this time, witch!!” 

 See how that went? Thayne started the attack, Waspe got to defend, then Waspe 
attacked and Thayne got to defend. Any attacker can make up to 4 attacks per 
turn, made in one post, and then they roll the appropriate number of dice. The 
number the attacker has entered for their stats in their chat profile determine a hit. 

· WARNING: The information used above is from more RPing infor.here! 


These paragraph contains a brief description
of the RP(Role-Play) Quest Links and Rules...

The Quest was ment to be one of fun, that allowed visit other realms
Chat-systems/ of Role-Playing I had the locations below as
Thy Quest visited, but again It Didn't Take place as I hopped it would July 16,
was the begainen date and all you had to do was bring yourself
and follow thy realms rules, I thought that was simple
but others destroude the fun again...

Key Benefits

Quest )Eternal Sorrows( Link 2
Quest )Beorin( Links 3
Quest )Roman Empire( Links 4
Quest )Shangri-La(( Links 5
Quest )Darkness of Eternity(]no longer around[ Links 6


Description of you by me You/Real-Time Improvements maked
option 1
This is just your picture up loaded as you give it to us.
option 2
This is a number of your pictures given to us and added words and background
option 3
Almost same as Above just with a lovers theme
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