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Product 1


*Learn About Rules in Different Role-Playing places
What IC=(In character), OCC=(out of character), RPG(roleplay game), RP(RolePlay) Each Chatting-System provides you with a opening page to each and most every chat-room, in there main frame that indecates with a brief & unique description of the types of role-play that goes on in there rooms or themes. Opportunity to role-play in these Systems always has some additional rules that may apply, for a Vampire Room rules, would greatly differ from that of a medevil-times one, in some manner. Most Users go by what we call "THE ROLE PLAYERS CREED OR RPGs GOLDEN RULE" which are "WE ARE HERE TO HAVE FUN, SO LEAVE YOUR REAL-TIME Problems BEHIND PLEASE!"

*I Must Relay That Not all Chat-Systems(Places),
Use HTML, Some use JavaScript, and other. But for those that do here is some helpful in hints
how to use HTML {Click Full Name For HTML Site}
(HyperText Markup Language),
You Can Use this to change the color of you words, in a chat room, or to place a picture/graphic to us in the room, and the look of your information.*

Change the color, <font color=Red>YOUR NAME HERE</font>
well stop the color from being on other text.

For Pictures or Graphics it is almost the same
<img src=http://pic.com/love.gif>

With a Picture You Don't Have to close it with anything.
Thats all the HTML You Need To Know for a Chat-Room.

Since joinen the World Of Online RolePlay in ChatRooms, for Computers/The Internet way back in 1996, I've devoted most of my time to ensuring that (My First Character/Personafiation{Persona}) made would become, my best/funnest charcater over-all ever. Enter Ninja, he was born in a geocites chatroom then called the RainForest, it's gone now, but it did give me a starting point to learn, after taken some great time playing him with others which made me/him good, and haven him offer an extensive line of quality Ninja Skills, fighting arts, informations on other species, and image-drafting(shapshiften)... And thus Ninja started as a then basic human type(Free-Form) Character, in the RAINFOREAST, only months after that the lovily home system of geocities chatrooms was remade(the rooms closed down for a long time), "I RolePlayed it being blown-up" my homeworld the Rainforest chatroom... I started my quest as Ninja to find another home.. through much trill and error I finally got the hang of online RP/RPG chat-play, in many other rooms/systems of chat.

Information on Free Form Role-Play!

First and Foremost you should try and never lose sight of the fact that this is just a ChatRoom/GAME! It's a bit more then just that, What happens within an RPG Chat should not be taken personally, After all it's all a game for fun. When things start becoming to serious, just leave/stop, because its all about to stop being fun, as matters get caut up with emotions.

Personal problems are just that; "personal". This is definitely a place to get away, from real life crap/things, but no place to bring in your hang-ups either. Leave your baggage emotional or other at the door, please. We are all here to have some fun, let's keep it that way.

Fights are expected to be part of the game, not because you are bored, tired, or angry, Nor because your boss fired you, your lover leaft, but to reless stress or to have more fun in/with the game....*

Product 2


~Turns of combat~
Are most important and should be desides before any battle/Fight/storyline

Rules of Combat Golden Rule Of Fighting: BE FAIR- Attacker declares the action; defender declares the result. Fighting is simple if everyone remembers the golden rule. That golden rule is the standard in just about any free form role playing site out there. We, at Mystical Realms, think there needs to be a bit of chance added to the system. The reason for this is we got tired of constantly having arguments over when something was a success or not. So, we added a silver rule. Silver Rule: Attacker’s dice decide the success or failure of an attack. Now, you might be saying that our silver rule trumps our golden one, but that is not the case. The success or failure of an attack is not the same as the result. The following information will help illustrate the difference. ROLE~PLAYEN on the WEB click here!
More information here....



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