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Hello, This is my 1987 Jeep Cherokee.  It is my first jeep, and my first 4X4 truck.  I have been looking around for one for a while and then out of the blue, there it was.  AND I ONLY PAID $500 FOR IT.  The inside is fantastic, there is minor, very small amount, exterior damage.  The four wheel drive is tight and the engine is good too.  But there's got to be something wrong with it for it to only cost $500 right?  Well, your right, it needs transmission work and it has a nasty exhast leak(which can either be the manifold or the doughnut, it's propably a cracked manifold though, my luck).  Plus a lot of little nickle and dime things too, but it runs and its pretty good at it too. 

And the guy even gave me and extra set of windows, tires w/rims, and new plugs,  wires and a rotor.  What a great guy...
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Sorry about all the pics it was a free digital camera though.
HA! I just got a new digital camera so some of the new photos will be good.
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