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Since thise is my first rime running fantasy gymnastics meets and also a new type of game, I hereby dedicate the month of June as "Get the Kinks Out" month.  Starting, of course, with The Great Kink-out Classic.  With luck, there will be a meet every week through the 29th of June dedicated to making this game better and more fun. 

May 31, 2002 - registration deadline for The Great Kink-out Classic.
June 1, 2002 - KO

June 7, 2002 - registration deadline for The Rough Edges Derby.
June 8, 2002 - TRED

June 14, 2002 - registration deadline for The Tweak & Peak Smackdown.
June 15, 2002 - T&P

June 21, 2002 - registration deadline for The Iron-it-out Challenge.
June 22, 2002 - IIOC

June 28, 2002 - registration deadline for The Buffed & Polished Cup.
June 29, 2002 - B&PC
The Great Kink-out Classic
June 1, 2002              
What a fun and informative meet.  I discovered it's harder to think up the points than I thought it would be.  Mostly I just need to prepare myself better to run the meet. 

Chester, Annie Lawanda        38.4
Calibro, Jenna                      38.3
Forsythe, Mildred Emilia        38.1
Glover, Nikki Q.                   37.65
Wellington, P.                      37.55
Young, Trina                       37.3
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