Anti - point - Use these to the detriment of other gymnasts. 

General Strategy Points
Snatch - a - point - You can grab another player's skill points.

Trade - a - point - You can switch skill points with another player. 

Give - a - point - You can save your own butt by getting rid of a skill point you don't want.  Or help another gymnast out. 

Roll - a - point - Players do not keep skill points through different games.  Except if they have a roll - a - point. Then they can choose which point they want to keep through the next game. 

Bet - a - point - Make a bet with this point.  Winners get a skill or strategy point of their choice. 

Extr - a - point - One of these give you double of another point of your choice.

For starters that's all.  If you've got any ideas for points post them to the message board.
This is the part that's going to need the most ironing out.  These are the points.  The concept is that you can use them for your own benefit or to knock another player down.  There are broad point catagories and then within each catagory there are specific kinds of points. 

Players stuck with points at the end of the game will have points taken off their score.  This is where the Give - a - point comes in.  Players decide at teh beginning of the gme which event or events will be the victim of leftover points. 


Skill Specific Points
Posi - point - Use these for the benefit of your gymnast. 
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