Fantasy Gymnastics Colosseum
This is a fantasy gymnastics competition center. No training.  Simply e-mail your routines to me and compete.  Gymnasts of any level are welcome to compete in our Open meets. 

Results and Upcoming meets will be posted here.   The next competition is Saturday, June 1st.  Barring some unforseen glitch.  I would like to have the roster posted by Friday, May 31st..  When you view the roster you will be able to use strategy points for yourself and against other gymnasts.  The points will be given to you when you sign up.  You can then e-mail me your directions for using them once you view the roster.  Routines will not be posted untill during the competition so you won't know untill then if you wasted your "Bad Tkatchev" oints on a gymnast who has no tkatchev in her routine.  ;(   Everyone gets a combination of six points.  Deductions are also taken by the referee. 

For now, here's a little about me.  I am a big fan of fantasy gymnastics. The real thing isn't so bad either.  I am very rich.  Otherwise how could I afford to provide this fabulous competition arena?  Last but not least, I am very nice. 
Nice flower, eh?
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This is where I'm competing my second meet. 
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