My 1st day home and my Mom already has the camera out. After the long drive from Hickory, I was ready for a nap.
For Halloween my Mom dressed me as a bat. My costume had a scary hood on it,  but I didn't like it much so I kept taking it off. This was also my 1st professional photo. I was nervous.
Here I am with, yep, you guessed it, SANTA!! I really liked Santa, I wanted to chew his beard, but he wouldn't let me.
This is my Easter picture. My Mom was so proud of me for smiling so pretty she gave me a treat.
Me, my Mom, & my Dad took a much needed vacation to Louisiana to visit our family. This picture was taken while were there.
Me, again, relaxing while on vacation in Louisiana. My Aunt Skylar has lots of stuffed animals & I liked to take my naps with them.
Happy Birthday to me!! Mom made me wear this funny hat because it was a special day. I am one year old today, June 23rd 2002.
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