A loveable, sweet little Yorkie  who gets lots of attention for being so cute. She was born in Hickory, NC on June 23, 2001 and she belongs to me, Nikki. Oh and lets not forget her Dad, Scott.
Gabbie is a very sweet little girl who likes just about everyone she meets.
Gabbie loves cats, she tries to chase every one she sees.
She can sit, shake, and jump, especially if you have food.
She makes you feel really bad when you have to leave her. She can make some really sad little faces.
Gabbie lives in Greensboro, NC, with her Dad and I. She likes to take long naps in my bed. She also likes to go to Petsmart where she wants everything in sight, just like her Mom on a shopping trip.
She tries to go everywhere with her Mom & Dad, even to  work.

- Male humans,   especially     her Dad

- her leash (for walks)

- long naps

- wearing sweaters

- rides in the  car
- going to the vet

-  noisey neighbors

- getting her hair brushed

- when she is left alone

- water, baths

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