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In an amazing turn of events, the city of Ulsan has apparently courageously decided not to build the proposed whalemeat factory the target of our Whale Embassy occupation. The news of this decision was reported in a South Korean newspaper on the eve of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting.
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Join the Virtual March

In a few days, on the 19th of June, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) will come to Ulsan, Korea, to decide the fate of whales. We need the whole world to join us and support whales by making sure that the Korean government does not follow the footsteps of Japanese government, and does not push for a resumption of commercial whaling and lethal research. 

It is impossible to bring you physically here, to the "Whale Embassy", to fight together for the life of whales. This is why we invented this new concept, the "Virtual March", where, by sendind your photo with a banner expressing your rejection for the killing of whales, you can actually be in Ulsan. Your photo,together with thousands of others, will be published in our web-site and, from the day IWC meeting starts, projected on the walls of the building where the meeting will take place. 
Looking forward to seeing you in Ulsan protecting the whales!

- Greenpeace 


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Save the whales

Join the Virtual March at Ulsan South Korea

Join the Virtual Whale March by getting yourself photographed with anti-whaling messages. Greenpeace messengers will visit prominent places in your city from now until the IWC meeting Spot them, get yourself clicked and let your face make the difference.
Fun Republic, Isckon Temple, HDFC Bank
MG Road, Church Street, CMH Road       
Sector -8, Sector -17 Sukhana Lake             
Satyam Cplx, Beachs Landmark Spencers
Marine Drive, Statue Jn Willington Island
Imax, Lifestyle, Paradise Hyderabad Central
Marco Polo, Dalhousie Allen Park   
Churchgate, Kalaghoda,Inox, Nariman point, Eros
New Delhi
PVR Saket, PVR Vasant - kunj, New Friends Colony
FC Road, Mazorine, Inox Adlab                  

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