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As I lead my dismal existance,
I began to feel as if I'm drifting in and out of loneliness.
I search for wings, Trying to have faith.
I've been attempting to overcome my insecure delusions.
As my heart fills with neverending sorrow,
And my soul cries out for release from this infinite torture.
I look up towards heaven and wonder what could possibly occur next.
For I have felt such intense heartache and been to the very end of my sanity.
Can't you just release the pressures of this treacherous life?
As I'm looking into my mirror I no longer see what I once was,
But only the wretched creature I have become.
I can only wish for my innocent days of childhood,
To once again return and fill my heart with joy and hope.
But I'm left inside the dark caverns of my own despair.
My own stubborn conscience my only friend.
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