You're gone
I think it's time to give up,
We knew this could never be.
This craving for our love,
Is killing me.
This world has got me down,
All I wanted was you.
So far apart,
I didn't know what to do.
I guess,"I love you" is not enough,
The conflict is too great.
I wish we could take things back,
But it's just way too late.
I thought you were the perfect one,
Everything I need.
But maybe it's not possible,
Your love causes my heart to bleed.
I'm fading into darkness now,
Crying on my knees,
Misery is taking over,
We were so naive.
Poetry by Jacqueline Diviney
I can't feel your touch,
And I'm filled with sorrow.
I don't want to wake up,
There's no hope for tomorrow.
I believed that things were okay,
But I guess it was just me.
I'm so helpless now,
I just wanted to be free.
My mind tells me to walk away,
Yet my heart disagrees.
Giving up would be so easy,
Someone save me, please.
Why do I feel such misery?
I don't think I can do this to myself anymore.
You weren't supposed to mean this much to me,
If my heart was made to broken than what are we fighting for?
It seems so unfair,
But I guess it doesn't matter.
Hopeless, detached, and so fucking sore,
My cold,grey heart is left for you to scatter.
No point in crying,
It leads to nowhere.
I'm left so incredibly empty,
I just no longer care.
Everything you thought was real,
Was never there at all.
You thought you would make it through,
Now you're screaming as you fall.
When will you wakeup?
When will you see?
You never knew our roles would switch,
You're standing where I used to be.
Isn't it funny?
After all you made things this way.
Now I'm doing fine,
And there's nothing left to say.
You can't put me down anymore,
You no longer have room to talk.
Things are so different now,
As I walk away you realize, you have no one left to stalk.
I can't understand,
All the fucked up images inside my head.
You're making me feel,
Like I'd be better off dead.
All your promises,
Turned out to be lies.
You threw me away,
And the warmth inside me slowly begins to die.
It's not worth caring,
It only makes you appear dead on the inside.
Feeling so hollow,
Why can't I just die?
You took away everything,
That I never really had.
I think I've lost myself,
And you don't even feel bad.
I had forgotten how good it felt,
To watch the blood seep from my veins.
How the rough blade, sliced through my flesh,
And relieved so much pain.
The burning sensation,
Eases the frustration and the anguish.
Staring with swollen, unseeing eyes,
Numbness takes over so quick.
Dried blood across my skin,
Puts my sorrow to rest.
The burdens of my past,
Seeming to be a miniscule pest.
I have been holding onto so much hatred,
Living life with regret.
The veil of confusion has been lifted from my naive eyes,
I know now, in life I owe no debts.
Like these cuts, I will soon heal,
Only scars will remain.
Nothing more than faint memories,
And a single blood stain.
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