This is my page for my favorite band, a Fire Inside!
This band is seriously incredible and everyone should check them out because you're missing out on a beautiful thing!
AFI is:
Jade Puget~ Guitar
Davey Havok~ vocals
Adam Carson~ drums
Hunter Burgan~ bass
"When you're playing a style of music that really doesn't fit anywhere, you run a risk. You're challenging people to leave their niche, to leave their predetermined ideas of what their supposed to like. Luckily, we have alot of people who just focus on the music and appreciate us for what we are. So we get fans from all different genres of music, the jocks, the spooky kids, skaters, college kids, punk rockers, hardcore kids, metal kids, all that."
~*~Davey Havok~*~
The ever so talented Davey Havok!
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