My Audi 100LS C1 page
This site is about my 1973 Audi 100 LS C1.
Having grown up with my father's 1973 Audi 100LS for 18 years (1973-91), in February 2005 I bought an identical car - same production year, same colour, same upholstery- and I restored it.
I have also taken up collecting Audi 100 C1 scale models, brochures and repair manuals.

My Audi 100LS after restoration

My Audi 100LS as I bought it.

The red 100LS '74

ale models collection: Minichamps, other

Repair manuals

Once involved with oldtimers I was infected by the ....classics virus so I had to buy another one soon. Two years later, in April 2007, a 1967 Taunus 12M P6 came to my possession. This again was identical (same production year, colour, upholstery) to my father's first car owned between 1967-1973.
My 1967 Ford Taunus 12m P6
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