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Tagboard(14th March):
Yup, i know my tagboard is down for a long time, think i will stick to shoutmix first, den maybe get another better one next time... do tag if you dropped by....

Profile Update(14th March):
Yesh!! Finally i'm back... haha... know i MIA a long time le, come to think of it, i have been missing for almost one year since the last update. Decided to update my profile as someone "kindly" reminded me that im no longer 24 years old le.. haha... remember to click on my links also wor... my friends do update de... heh... tats should be all for now first.... will see if i have time to do something more about the website...

Revamp(12th Jun):
I did some manuvering on the links page, cos some link no longer any updates, and some websites have become just blogs...

Old Link(14th May):
This was an old link, but i think i can link this back again.... so its back!!

More Links(3rd May):
Hahahah... got more links to update... didnt really know what to put for the title of the link cos i cannot type chinese in geocities,so u all just go n see for urself whats its all about bah... =p

Honours Class(29th Apr):
If u all have been visiting my links page, actually i have linked up with my honours class blog le... but becos geocities gave me some problems, so i cannot update this board... heez... can have a look...

Links(17th Apr):
Just added one person to my blogs link...

Profile(16th Apr):
Uploaded the recent masked photo in my profile...

Photos(15th Apr):

heh...long time no updates, cos was busy la.... i scrolled thru the pictures in my com and found one photo me, my bro took with my sis b4 she left for china attachment. its 5am at the airport, so pardon our lok cokness... haha....

TagBoard(13th Feb):
Doodle Board is down for dunno wat reason, changed my tagboard to this temporarily mainly becos i liked the koala icon... hahaha...
Paiseh long time no update le, cos very busy u see... those who wanna complain, complain in the tag board bah... den i can know whos still visiting =p

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