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heh... must be wondering why got one old man's photos rite? cos... me reading his books now... his name is Wo Long Sheng... written a lot of books liao... but this is me first time reading his books...

wu ming xiao
reading his book called wu ming xiao: nameless flute... find tat his style suits me more then wang du lu's one... just started reading, but think it will prove to be a good book... couldn't find any pic on his book, so put his photo up here...

tie xue dan xin
started on his second book: tie xue dan xin...
been thinking like me been spending quite some time reading martial arts novels... so will try to cut down a bit... but will slowly read finish this book first... den pit stop for exams to be over b4 me continue again...

jin feng jian
third book: hmm... have time to do some reading liaos... went to get this book straght after exams.... quite a gd feeling to start reading again... some comments: dun really like the endings of his story, but on the whole, his novels are still worth a read...

biao qi

fourth book: now reading this book, 2 volumes in total... not a bad book, with an ok plot up till now, but hopefully the ending will prove to be better than the last few i read....

shuang feng qi
fifth book: plot still ok... 3 volumes,now into his second volume... so far his books are all similar with a similar plot, but this book is slightly different, so more interesting... once again hope his endings are better, the last book i read, his ending was slightly better, but still have a few loose ends untied...

nv biao tou
sixth book: just borrowed this book... so far not bad for the plot... got bai lian jiao and all... some fakish gongfu here... but still weird and quite captivating... i must say it's one of his better books bah... but have to see his ending first...
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yong chun qu
kinda side-tracked a bit on my martial-arts novels... borrowed this from my neighbour... tried reading it, erm... how should i say it? love novels are for gals and martial arts novels are for guys... but might continue reading more of these type of books if i cant find good novels... and maybe one novel cant determine the rest of them...
di yi ci de qin mi jie chu
another side track... but this one is definitely nicer... the book i read didnt have this cover... but think this cover is nicer... really a nice book for both guys and gals,,, have a look... u might wanna take a look online
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