Nightwatch Australian Shepherds, Sandra Hetz, 11504 Mountain Magic Ln. NE, Cumberland, MD  21502, (301) 777-3429

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The long range goals of Nightwatch...

Our first goal, above and beyond any other is to be temperament. We are striving for that patient, loving attitude, that is capable of incorporating gentleness with their natural guardian abilities.

Of course we want physical soundness. What good is heart, without the healthy body and keen mind to do the job? This means attention to hips and eyes, and carefully researched pedigrees. And it will mean, for us, not sacrificing either temperament or soundness for bloodlines. If we find what we want, be it in working lines, or show lines, we will use it.

Beauty? You bet. OK, so I'm still a sucker for the dog show game. We intend to produce Aussies with correct movement and lovely type and style. And flair! Why not have that fabulous heart and delightful temperament in a gorgeous dog? When everything comes together, we hope to have winners all around!


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