Way of the Warrior:

The life of a warrior is dictated by two things: his definition of war, and what it is in which he finds the will to fight (or what he fights for). Most would define war with pictures of battles, struggles, or conflicts. Truely, when broken down, this is what war is. But more specifically, certain thoughts are triggered with each word. The word battle may trigger thoughts of massive armies clashing in a field somewhere, or it may trigger thoughts of yourself, fighting with someone else. The word struggle may bring pictures of negativityl thoughts of just being able to scrape by - or it may trigger pictures of tribulations that one pushes through to see the other side. The word conflict may bring up thoughts of a dispute or arguement, or it may bring thoughts of fights or riots. Truthfully, noone can tell you what each one means exactly, but the answer is in your own mind. My point is that a warrior at heart can be defined as someone who lives his life through his wars, his battles, his struggles, and his conflicts.

But why do this? Why not just go about things the easy way? Well, to be honest there is no single answer to this. But the answer beneath the surface of most warriors is "To see the other side as a stronger warrior." We fight because we are told to. We fight because we are taught to. Sometimes we fight because we have no other choice, and sometimes we just undergo our struggles for our own pleasure. The interesting thing about a warrior is that, once he comes out the other side, he feels uneasy and inadequate without another challenge. This is the essance of being a warrior at heart. One fights for the outcome, but lives for the fight. Truly, it is here, in the midst of the conflict, that we thrive - it's here that we feel at home... just like a musician in the midst of his music, or an actor up on the stage.

Is there any way one can be made into a warrior? Honestly, since birth, you will be a warrior, or you wont. The instinct to run towards a conflict, rather than away is one that is able to lie dormant untill you consiously bring it out. Not everyone has "Warrior blood" in them, but if you do, it'll come through in ways you honestly never expected they would. I know people who have been warriors at heart since the day I met them. Others (like myself) you'd have laughed at if they said they were warriors 10 years ago. The instict, the heart, and the mind of a warrior are just like the instincts, heart, and mind of anyone else. Natural skill and taste bring them to the surface, but the posessor manipulates them into what he finds useful, or he pushes them back down and suffocates them.

What's the point of this article? I dont know... just an insight into my mind, and other like-minded people, I guess. I really dont know. But I do know that it's up to you to determine what point you take from it. If I've invoked some thought, good! Try to invoke it in others! ;-)

For the glory of God!

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