Radical Ki

NOTE: All of the following information was taken from Slicer's website, Warriors of Light with his permission.
Introduction to Energy
The Basics
Using your Ki
Advanced and Custom Techniques
Benefits of working with Energy

Meditation, Chakras, and Auras

Meditation is relaxing your body and mind, and either focusing on one thought, or nothing at all. If you are in a ďmeditative state,Ē then using Ki should be much easier because your body will be completely relaxed, and you are only focusing on Ki. It will pretty much help you with any Ki technique (except those which require movement). Meditation is also a good thing to do if your muscles are tense, or you have too many thoughts going on in your head and need to relax. Find a quiet place where nobody will bother you. You can have some soft music playing if you feel it will help you. Sit down in a comfortable position, preferably the full lotus position (refer to the picture below). You can sit in a chair or on the floor, whatever you want. Most people close their eyes, but if keeping your eyes open helps you, you can do that too. Also, if your eyes are closed, you may go into a sleep like state, which is good for you because you will be totally relaxed, but the difference between being in a trance or sleep-like state and meditation is that in meditation, your body may be relaxed but your mind is fully awake whereas in a trance or sleep, your body and mind are relaxed/asleep. But, if it is more comfortable, meditating with your eyes closed is fine, just if you find yourself falling asleep, you may want to get up and walk around before going on because you will just fall asleep. You should learn how to meditate before performing the other techniques in this manual.

Technique 1: Once you get into a comfortable position, think of all the muscles in your body. Starting from your toes and ending at your fingers, relax every single muscle in your body. You can do this by just concentrating on any tense muscle and making it relax. Now, start breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth (preferably the Four Fold Breathing Technique). Then, do a countdown of every breath cycle in your mind from 10-1, then 9-1, then 8-1, etc (10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, 8, 7Ö). Every time you get to zero, you should feel much more relaxed. Once you are done with the countdown and reach the final zero, your mind should be completely blank. Even when you get to the final zero, you should still keep breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Once your mind is blank, you are in a meditative state and you can either continue to keep a blank mind, or you can think of one thought, and just focus on that alone.

Technique 2: Technique 2: Do this in a dark room with no light. Keep your eyes open and focus on the emptiness of the room, the darkness. Concentrate on what you are looking at (which is nothing since it is too dark to see anything). Eventually, you should just be thinking about nothing. This is a very easy way to meditate; the only problem with it is that it is easy to fall asleep while in it.


Chakras are energy centers that absorb Chi from outside of your body and bring the Chi inside of your body so that you can survive. There are 7 main chakras located in a straight line which run parallel from your spine. The major chakras start from the base of your spine to the top of your head. There are hundreds of minor chakras. Here is a list of the seven major chakras and what they do. Also, refer to the picture below to see where the chakras are located and what color they are. As you improve in Ki, your chakras will eventually open up by themselves. It will probably take approximately a year for the chakras to activate by just training with Ki. You don't even have to believe in chakras or know they exhist, but if you want to activate them much faster, do the Chakra Activating Exercises.
Base Chakra: It regulates your need for survival and your primal feelings. It also holds the latent power of Kundalini (an energy which once released, transforms the person mentally and spiritually. To unlock your Kundalini, take up Kundalini Yoga, otherwise, just train and it may eventually happen.)
Belly Chakra: Also known as the Sacral Chakra, this Chakra regulates your sexuality, creativity, and your nurturing instincts.
Solar Plexus Chakra: This chakra regulates your individuality and sense of honor/pride. It is how you feel about yourself.
Heart Chakra: This chakra is associated with your emotions, especially love and compassion. This chakra also regulates your breathing, sense of time, and healing.
Throat Chakra: This chakra regulates your communication; how well you speak and listen and how good you are at engaging in a conversation.
Third Eye Chakra: Also known as the Brow Chakra, this is associated with your intuition and ESP. This chakra regulates how well you can see auras, use telepathy, and other abilities.
Crown Chakra: This chakra is associated with how well you are connected with God and the universe around you. It regulates your spiritual intellect. When activated, it feels like a thousand fingers are massaging your head, that is why it is known in India as the ď1,000 pedal lotus flower.Ē

Chakra Excercises

There are many spiritual and complicated ways to open your chakras. Here are some easy techniques that I find work well. You should be meditating while doing these techniques.

Technique 1: This technique activates one chakra at a time. Close your eyes and focus on one of your chakras. Visualize it. Letís say you are trying to activate your Third Eye Chakra. You would picture your body as blank, black, and empty. The only thing in your whole body should be a dull indigo orb located in between your eye brows and your Dan Tien. Send all of your energy from your Dan Tien into your Third Eye Chakra. Have the chakra light up and get brighter and more radiant as the energy goes into it. Also, as it is getting brighter, have it spin faster and faster.
Technique 2: Think of your Chakra as a gate. Then, think of water rushing into it and hitting it hard. Eventually, think of the water being strong enough to force the gate open. When this happens, the water should rush in and a river of water should go through the gate (your Chakra).
Technique 3: This technique can be done to all the chakras since it uses no energy. Start at your lowest chakra. Picture it as a closed flower (make the flower the color of the chakra). Slowly have each of the pedals of the flower open up. Once all the pedals are opened, slowly concentrate on the feeling you should get when it opens. Then work your way up until to you Crown Chakra. To close your chakras, do the opposite and work from your head down and close the flower.

Cleaning the Chakras
There are negative energies all over, and form time to time, negative energy can get stuck in your chakras. Here is a way to clean them out.
Technique 1: Picture the chakra you want to clean in your mind. Imagine it opening up like a cone. Once it opens up really wide, imagine a hand coming in and scooping out any dark colored energy stuck in there. Once you're done cleaning the chakra, make sure you imagine it going back to it's normal size and shape. In other words, If you opened it up to clean it, close it back the way it was again


Introduction to auras:
Throughout history, auras have been an important part in culture. If you look at almost any ancient religious painting, you will notice that most religious figures had a golden ďhaloĒ around their heads. That was because a long time ago, it was common for people to see auras. Now, people neglect the ability to see auras. Even people born with the ability to see them, just totally ignore them, or are told to ignore them, so their ability disappears from them.

Anyway, auras are basically the field of energy that surrounds something. Some people say that it is the light that atoms give off when vibrating; some people say that it is the energy from chakras. I believe it is the output of a person or objects energy. It is totally debatable what auras truly are, so you are going to have to come to a conclusion about what they really are. For those of you who donít believe that auras really exist, research Kirlian photography (it is a giant camera in Russia that can take pictures of bio-electricity. They can actually see auras with this). Another way to prove to yourself that auras exist is to take your hand and have your palm facing you. Open up your hand so you can see your palm. Next, take the finger from your other hand and place it about 1cm away from your palm. Move your finger in a circular motion. You should feel like something is pushing your palm, even though nothing is touching it. That is your aura.

Auras differ in color and shape, depending on the object or person you are looking at. Most of the time, a non-human object will usually have a fixed aura. The aura will stay the same until the object comes in contact with something or is destroyed. Also, auras of non-humans seem to be the opposite color of the object. For example, a red flower will have a green aura. A blue bird will have a yellow aura. People, on the other hand, have much different color auras than objects or animals. Humans can have many colors present in their aura, and the colors can change quite often. Human aura colors represent the person's emotional and spiritual state. Some humans have a mix of colors, meaning they have multiple qualities. Also, sometimes a color will show up in an aura for a few seconds, or as a flash. That can mean that it was just a quick emotion that the person had. Auras are basically in between 2 and 12 inches. They are like an outline of a person. Some aura shapes can vary. Some auras can completely cover someone; some auras only cover parts of someone. Some auras look like smoke, some auras look like fire, some auras look like light. Usually, the brighter, bigger, and more radiant a personís aura is, the more spiritual and pure that person is. I have heard people saying that they have 30 foot auras and stuff. That is just a lie, auras do not go over 2 feet. Also, aura size does not necessarily mean the power a person has. It is just how much energy they are putting out and how there emotional state is. However, keep in mind that there are some people who have learnt to change their aura color, size, and shape at will, so donít always judge people by their aura.

Aura Colors
Purple:Indicates spiritual thoughts. Purple is never a strong point in the Aura. It appears only as temporary flames or electricity, indicating truly spiritual thoughts.
Blue:A relaxed, balanced person. Somebody with a blue aura is very calm and tranquil and is good at surviving. Someone with a blue aura often has a balanced mind. Blue can also mean that the person is using energy, especially a bright blue.
Turquoise:People with turquoise auras are often good at organizing things and like to do things. They are good at leading people and getting things done.
Green:People with Green auras are usually naturally gifted healers. They are usually very in tune with nature (that is where the term ďgreen thumbĒ came from).
Yellow:People with yellow auras are usually very happy and carefree. They have an inner joy in them and are very spiritual, often not caring about material objects, just happiness. People who have yellow auras usually care about the joy of others and are always willing to give. If a person is spiritually advanced enough, a Golden Halo can appear around the persons head. This is because of high activity from the third Eye Chakra. The Third Eye Chakra expands and makes a golden aura which surrounds the persons head. Gold is a mixture of Yellow and Orange, signifying spiritual power. If you look at old paintings of Jesus Christ, Buddha, or other religious figures, you will notice a huge golden aura around their heads.
Orange:A person with an orange aura is usually very powerful, and has a desire to be a leader and control other people. People with an orange aura are often leaders because they are powerful and not afraid to display what they can do or know.
Red:A red aura means materialistic thoughts. People with red auras are usually not spiritual and only care about material things. They are often self centered. A person with a dark red or flaming red aura usually means extreme anger.
Pink:A pink aura is extremely hard to find on a person. If you were to witness someone with a pink aura, it is usually seen as a flame or flash in the aura. It means that the person is in a state of pure love.
White:Purity, Cleanliness. A person with a white Aura means they tell the truth, and that they are spiritually advanced. White has also been known to be disease, so it is still unclear of what a white Aura means. Usually before death, a person will have a white Aura with blue sparkles in it.
Brown:It is usually a materialistic person who does is not concerned with the spiritual.
Gray:Dark and depressing thoughts, unclear intentions, presence of a dark side of personality. If seen as a flame or lightning, that means the person has some sort of dark influence inside.
Black:Suicidal, disturbed, and illicit thoughts. People with black Auras are usually dangerous because they are either possessed, or are in contact with some evil power. They can also be very suicidal. These people usually have no spiritual thoughts, or are being influenced by a negative spirit.

Seeing Auras

To actually see auras, you will have to increase the sensitivity of your eyes, train your peripheral vision, and activate your Third Eye Chakra.

Peripheral vision: Peripheral vision is what you can see out of the corner of your eye. It is what you can see without actually staring at something. For example, if you look straight at center of the monitor of your computer screen, you can still see the edge of the screen without moving your eyes at all. This is your peripheral vision, otherwise known as your outer vision. The peripheral vision is much stronger than your central vision. Because of computers, televisions, and how we have trained our eyes, our central vision is very weak compared to our peripheral vision, which most people often never use. An example of how it is stronger is that if you were ever instructed on how to look at the stars, you will be told not to look directly at the star but to the side of it so you can see the light better. By using your peripheral vision will be a great and easy way to see auras.. When looking for someone aura, you will either stare at the side of them or at the center of their head and try to see the aura out of the side of your vision.

Opening the Third Eye: You can do one of the Chakra activation methods listed above, or use this technique that is specially developed to open the Third Eye Chakra. Close your eyes and place your index and middle finger on your Third Eye Chakra (located in between your eyebrows). Now, think of your Third Eye Chakra as a closed eye. Try thinking of it as an actual physical eye. Focus on it, and once you feel comfortable, open your eyes. When you do this, visualize the Third Eye opening. When you blink, have the Third Eye blink as well. Now, close your eyes again, and have your Third Eye close as well. Focus on your Third Eye, and think of it blinking a few times. Keep repeating until your index and middle finger can actually feel the Third Eye pulsating when you make it blink. Now, open your eyes again and open your Third Eye as well. You should feel some pressure when your Third Eye opens this time. You can now remove your fingers; your Third Eye should be activated. If your Third Eye seems to close again, you can just do this technique again. After doing it a couple of times and training with your aura vision, your Third Eye should stay permanently open.

How to see the Aura: Let me first say that everybody can develop the ability to see auras. Some people can see auras naturally. This is a method of how to see your own aura or someone elseís aura. To do it to yourself, you need a big mirror so you can see yourself. Get into a room with a white or dull background/wallpaper. The color of the room will change the color of the aura you are looking at, but if the color is relatively close to white, it will work fine. Have someone (or yourself) sit in a comfortable position and relax, maybe listen to music, or whatever makes the person feel comfortable. You should be in a relaxed state as well. Stare at either the center (Third Eye) or the side of the personís head and donít move your eyes. After staring at the point for thirty seconds or so, try to ďlookĒ around the personís head without actually moving your eyes. You should still be staring at that one spot, but your peripheral vision should be scanning around to look for anything strange. If you notice that the background around the person is brighter and a different color, donít move your eyes because what you are seeing is an aura. That means that the aura is slowly appearing to you. If you donít move your eyes, the aura should eventually grow so that you can see the whole aura of the personís head or wherever your peripheral vision is looking. If you practice this for at least 10 minutes a day, your aura vision will increase very fast. The more you practice seeing auras, the easier it will become for you to see them and the faster they will appear to you. Now that you know how to see auras, you can try looking at the aura of anything you want, books, flowers, trees, whatever. The more you use your aura vision, the better it will become.

Problems: A problem you may encounter with seeing auras is that what you may be seeing is just after image. After image is the result of looking at one color for too long. The chemicals for seeing a certain color is depleted in your eyes and you will see the opposite of the color (it is not permanent and only lasts for 30 seconds or so). It is what happens if you look at the sun, just the sun is much brighter so it makes a very strong after image. To avoid seeing afterimages, try learning how to see auras within a few seconds. If you can see auras fast enough, you wonít need to wait for afterimage to occur. Also, if you keep moving your eyes every 10 seconds or so, you wonít see afterimage. Another way to see an aura instead of afterimage is for the object/person to move. If the person is moving, his aura will move with him. The aura may drag a bit, but the afterimage will stay in the same place as your eyes. So, the afterimage will be in front of your eyes and the aura will be following the person wherever he/she moves.

Introduction to Energy

Ki is the Japanese term for Life Force Energy; it flows through everyone and everything. Ki can be translated to a great number of things, including life and breath. It makes up the universe. It flows through living and nonliving things. Humans have the gift to manipulate this energy. It can be very easily manipulated by just using your mind. I have come to the conclusion that Ki, Chi, Psi, and other energies are all the same exact energy. Just, usually people who use Ki think of it as shooting Ki blasts and people who use Psi think of it as using Psycho-kinesis or your mind. It is all the same energy. Realizing this will not only stop the confusion between what techniques use Psi and Ki energy, but it will also stop you from thinking ďI am good at using Ki but bad at using PsiĒ because it is the same exact energy. Before going, you must make a promise that you will use what you have learnt in this manual for good. This means, that if you learn how to use Ki to power up a punch, you wonít go around beating people up because you are more powerful than they are. These techniques should be used for you to help others and for personal development. Although nobody is perfect, that doesn't mean we can't try to reach moral perfection. The path of the warrior is never ending, for he journies through both life and death on a quest for truth. Also, remember that a master is not one who has reached the end of the road but has merely just kept from straying off that road, for there is no end to the road to truth.


Ki: The Japanese term for the Life Force Energy.
Chi: The Chinese term for the Life Force Energy.
Psi: A Psionís/American term for the Life Force Energy.
Jing: People often mistake this for compacted energy. However, according to the Chinese, there are two definitions for Jing. The one that you will want to work with is the Jing that literally translates to powerful. It is the energy that you will eventually develop for attacking and damaging an opponent.
The Holy Spirit: Also known as the Holy Ghost, it is when Godís Holy enegy. It enables people to perform miracles, such as healing cancer, curing the blind, etc. Not only does it allow people to perform miracles, but it gives them incredible knowledge. Those who have the Holy Spirit inside of them are extremely wise. It also gives people a tranquil, care free mind. To experience the power of the Holy Spirit, you must basically pray and praise God.
Psycho-kinetics: Being able to manipulate something without actually physically touching it. There are different types of kinesis' such as pyro-kinesis and cryo-kinesis which are all under the category of controling something without actually touching it using the five senses.
Telekinesis: The ability to move objects without physically touching them.
Telepathy: The ability to communicate without physically expressing anything.
Astral Projection: Having your consciousness leave your body and travel to different planes/realms.
Dan Tien: Also known as Tan T'ien. It is the main energy center that is located approximately 2 Ĺ inches below the navel (belly button). It is like the heart of your Ki. When visualizing the Dan Tien, imagine your body as empty and as nothing but space. Then think of a glowing ball of energy right under your navel area. When visualizing this, try to feel the Dan Tien, if you feel, heat, warmth, a magnetic feeling, or anything weird, then thatís it.
Chakras: Chakras are energy centers that absorb Ki from outside of your body and bring the Ki inside of your body so that you can survive. There are 7 main chakras located in a straight line which run parallel from your spine. The major chakras start from the base of your spine to the top of your head. There are hundreds of minor chakras. The most popular minor chakras are the palm and foot chakras. The palm chakra is located in the center of your palm and your foot charka is located in the center of the bottom of your foot.
Aura: Auras are the energy fields that surround living things and non-living things as well. The aura is basically the energy output. Auras can be seen if the Brow/Third Eye Chakra is activated. Aura colors have many different meanings but generally a bright aura means good health. Auras also display the emotional and mental state of humans.
Third Eye/Brow Chakra: This is a very important chakra. It is located in between your eyebrows. It is about the size of an orange and it is the color indigo. It is the spiritual chakra which lets you perform abilities such as telepathy and sensing energies. When this chakra is activated, you can actually see auras and energy. You will also have some interesting abilities such as seeing into the future and ect.
ESP: Extra Sensory Perception. These are senses that arenít in the ď5 senses,Ē touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing.
Horse Stance: This is the stance most people like to use when practicing Ki techniques. To do it, have your feet shoulder-width apart (in a vertical line with your shoulder). Have your knees bent and have your toes pointing straight forward.

The Basics

Breathing is very important in energy manipulation. Almost all martial arts will teach that when you attack, you make a sound (boxers like to make a ďtsssĒ sound while some martial artists say ďkiai.Ē It all depends on what your taught or what you like to do.) as your strike hits the target. That is done for two reasons. The first reason is that when you make a deep sound from your stomach it hardens up your abs and gets you ready for absorbing a hit. When you punch or kick, you will leave yourself slightly open for a fraction of a second. If you get hit in the stomach while throwing a punch or kick, you can be in serious trouble. Thatís why if you make a noise while striking, you will be a little safer and can take a shot easier. The second reason is for releasing energy. When looking at a target and striking, if you make a noise, all your energy is released in that strike. Just try it, go to a punching bag and hit it. Now try it while making a noise and you should notice a drastic difference. Some people use noises to distract others in fights, so be careful of that as well.
Now, in Ki breathing is just as important as in fighting. Ki is controlled by breath. Chi can actually be translated in Chinese to breath. There are even some martial arts which have breathing as the main subject like kiai-jutsu and Chi Kung (Qi Gong). Breathing with Ki is very simple. Though some people like to tough their tongue to the roof of their mouth while breathing (which is good, itís just I donít like to set too many limits.), I say all you really need to do is just breath in while drawing in Ki or moving your arms to yourself and breath out when pushing Ki or moving your arms away from your body. Thatís all there really is to it. Also, it is suggested that you take longer and deeper breaths from your stomach. I'm not gonna mention breathing in every technique, so just keep in mind when you are doing these techniques to remember to inhale when drawing in and exhaling when pushing the Ki.

Four Fold Breathing-
Sit down and relax. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Now, inhale for 4 seconds. Then, hold your breath for 2 seconds (donít puff out your cheeks or anything, just stop). Then, exhale for 4 seconds. Repeat the process as many times as you want. It should get you into a greater meditative state and it should help to relax your body.

Drawing Ki-
Technique 1: Think of a green mist (Ki) around you. As you inhale through your nose, think of the green Ki coming into your nose. Then, as you exhale through your nose, make the green Ki go into a glowing orb located about 2.5 inches under your navel (belly button), this is called the Dan Tien or Hara. Keep on repeating this until you feel that your Dan Tien is filled up enough.
Technique 2: You must be in a good amount of light to do this (preferably Sun-light). Stand straight up with your eyes closed. Feel the rays of light hitting you. Picture the rays of light as Ki. When it hits you, have your skin absorb it. From there, you can store it in your Dan Tien, or use it. This technique is not recommended to be used for long periods of time because too much exposure to sun-light can lead to melanoma (skin cancer) and other problems.
Technique 3: You can draw Ki from anything natural, whether it is a tree, water, the wind, or even other people (I don't recommend drawing Ki from other people because you can draw in negative Ki. Plus, it isn't good for the other person). Just picture the object's/organism's aura and think of your own aura. Visualize your own aura as being a magnet for Ki. Have the target's aura get drawn to your own and get absorbed by your aura. Think of your aura growing in size and power.

Sending Ki through your body-
There are many different ways to send Ki throughout your body. You can ground and use the energy from the Earth, use your energy from your Dan Tien, or breath in energy and use that. These techniques will be describing how to send Ki into your hand, but the hand is just an example and you can replace the hand with any body part. If you are a beginner with it, I suggest technique 1 or 2.
Technique 1: Think of your body as empty and black. Visualize your Dan Tien as a golden (or whatever color you want it to be) orb of energy located about 2.5 inches under your navel. Focus on it until you can feel its warmth or just something strange in that area. Once you can feel your Dan Tien, think of a golden liquid coming out of your Dan Tien and going up your chest and into your arms until it reaches the hand. Once it gets into your hand, you can make it fill up your entire hand or doing whatever you want it to do. You can do this with any body part. You should feel something in your arm and hand when doing this technique. If not, then try sending more of the ďliquidĒ or make the liquid grow in width.
Technique 2: Focus on your Dan Tien. Make sure you can feel it. While concentrating on your Dan Tien, try focusing on your hand as well. If you focus on both your hand and your Dan Tien, your Ki should move directly to your hand. The more focus you have and the more you can feel your Dan Tien, the better this technique will work.
Technique 3: This technique is hard to describe. It is basically just feeling your hand, and willing your Ki to go to your hand. You can send Ki directly from your Dan Tien by just pushing the Ki there, or you can turn your hand into a magnet for your Ki, and have all the Ki in your body get drawn into your hand.

A burnout is a state where you canít move or use any of your Ki. Burnout occurs when you have been training too hard and have used up too much Ki, or tried using Ki that you donít have. It often occurs when somebody tries to perform techniques like a Ki Blast consecutively. It also occurs more often when you havenít drawn in enough energy or grounded before a technique. Burnout can last anywhere from a day to a couple of months. Everyone gets it differently and it occurs less in some people than in others. In general, when you start getting more skilled in energy manipulation and your Ki becomes more powerful, burnouts will eventually occur very rarely and it may stop happening altogether.
Treating and dealing with burnout: There are a few ways to treat burnout. The main one is to just not work with Ki until the burnout is over. Although you shouldnít work with your Ki, breathing exercises and drawing techniques can still be done, and may even lessen the time of a burnout. Another thing you can do is work with the energy around you. Just because you canít work with the Ki inside of you doesnít mean that you canít work with the Ki outside of you. You can still manipulate the energy around you, though it still isnít recommended.

Ki Ball-
This technique is used for various reasons. You can use it to start a Ki Blast, to increase punching power and speed, and to test out the power of your Ki and the power of your mind. Relax and put both hands out in front of you. Put your hands out as if you were holding a ball, your finger tips should be 1-6 inches apart. If you are a beginner, do some drawing exercises and get into a meditative state. Once you feel you are ready, make a connection of Ki between your Dan Tien (if you want to use the energy that you are breathing in, you can use that as an energy source as well) and the point right in between your hands. Once you think you have a solid connection of Ki, start sending as much energy as possible into that space. Think of that space as a magnet for Ki, sucking in all Ki around it and forming a ball of compacted energy. Keep sending as much energy from your body as possible until you can feel the Ki ball. You should feel either heat, cool air, or a magnetic or tingly feeling in your hands. When you feel that, you have created a Ki ball. You can keep adding energy to that to make it stronger. But, to make it stronger, you have to keep the ball the same size while adding Ki. Try to make the Ki ball as compact as possible. A compacted Ki ball full of energy is much more powerful than a huge Ki ball full of energy and space. Also, having the ball spin will make it more powerful. When you are finished making the Ki Ball, you can try having it do things. Try making it move, change in size, and change temperature. I would say, once you can perform the above tasks, try working on the speed that it takes to create the Ki Ball. Once you can create a semi-powerful Ki Ball within 3 seconds, then you are doing great and should move onto more advanced techniques, or adding more power to it within those few seconds. This is a great technique for keeping your mind focused and working on your skill and the power of your Ki.

Basic Powerup-
The Power Up is a technique which raises your energy level. It makes your energy more powerful. Some people think it makes you have more energy, but I donít believe that because energy cannot be created or destroyed, so I just think youre your energy transforms into a more powerful energy thatís on a higher vibration or level. I also believe that a Power Up speeds up the flow of your energy, making it easier for you to use it.

Most people like to stand up to do this. The preferred stance for this technique is the horse stance, although you can do this in any stance you want. For beginners, draw in a lot of energy and store it in your Dan Tien. Do the visualization where you picture your body as empty and all thatís in it is a golden orb (Dan Tien) located 2.5 inches below your navel. Focus on your Dan Tien and feel its energy. Think of its energy as very fierce and powerful. Then, think of your Dan Tien expanding throughout your body. You should feel it expanding. Have it keep expanding until it fills up your whole entire body. By now, you should feel full of Ki. This is a basic Power Up.

Ki Flame-
You should (but you donít have to) go into Horse Stance. Do the basic Power Up, but instead of having your Dan Tien/Ki stop expanding, have it keep expanding so that it is trying to break out of your body. Once you feel pressure on the inside of your body, like your Ki is going to explode, have your Ki erupt out of your body and have it cover your body in a huge flame of energy. Now, you will not see a huge flame around you, and neither will other people. However, if you do a powerful enough Ki Flame, you may be able to see a sort of ďheat waveĒ in the air, like the air is being vibrated or distorted around you. The Ki Flame is a great technique which not only increases your power and the speed of your Ki flow, but it also put most of your energy outside of your body which enables you to do certain moves. If you can see auras, your aura might grow in size, become brighter, vibrate, and/or move around.

Grounding is when you are connected to the Earth's energy. When you are grounded, you should feel comfortable, relaxed, protected, and alive. It is a great way to draw and replenish energy, as well as to connect with your surrounding environment.
Technique 1: Go outside and preferably stand in horse stance but use whatever is most comfortable for you (note, you can also do this while sitting, just make sure your feet are on the ground). Now, visualize roots coming out of your feet and digging deep into the Earth where it merges with a huge ball of green energy (the Earth's energy). Concentrate on your Dan Tien and draw the energy from the Earth into your Dan Tien.
Technique 2: Follow the above steps, except instead of drawing the energy from the Earth, you draw the energy up one leg, have it go into your Dan Tien, then have the old energy of your Dan Tien go down the other leg and back into the Earth.
Technique 3: This is a little more advanced. Follow Technique 1, but once you are rooted with the Earth, visualize your Dan Tien going down one of your legs and going into the Earth's Energy. It should be instantly replenished once it is "dipped" into the Earth's Energy. Once it is replenished, make it go back up the other leg and back to the normal spot (2 1/2 inches below the navel).

Using your Ki

Ki Blast-
The Ki Blast is a legendary technique that is often seen in martial arts movies. It is when you fire a projection of Ki through the air at your opponent. If done correctly, it should make your opponent tired, nauseous, immobilized, or even killed if done perfectly. There are many traditional ways that martial arts master and monks do it. However, I will focus on the ďradicalĒ way to do it. It is not a very long range move, and the closer the blast the more powerful. The Ki Blast is more of a test of your ability. The Ki Blast is not very effective in a fight, unless you have been training with it for a very long time or have a very strong and powerful mind. If you were to normally hit somebody with a Ki Blast, it would either have no effect, make them tired, or if you made it strong enough, make them feel sick. However, if it is mastered, it can be a deadly technique. In certain conditions, a Ki Blast can harm someone or even kill someone if done in an extreme emotional state. Like, if you are being attacked and your life is at stake, you may be able to fire a Ki Blast that can knock out or kill an opponent.
Technique 1: First, do a power up. Cup both hands and put them in front of you and create a very powerful Ki ball. Put most of your energy into it. Now, put your hands to the side of you and charge all of your remaining Ki into your wrists. Also, while it is at your side, start compressing the Ki ball. Make it smaller and smaller. While you are charging Ki, look at your target. It is important to concentrate about 1 foot right in back of your target, this way you are aiming so that your blast will go through the target. Once you feel your blast is ready, have an intention in your mind. Think to yourself ďI want to destroy the targetĒ or whatever you wish. Thrust your hands forward and make the Ki in your wrists push out the ball in a beam so there is a beam connected to a Ki ball. Make it go extremely fast and right through the opponent. Try putting everything you got into the blast; all your emotions, your spirit. If done correctly, some wind may have blown around your hands and the target. If you can see auras, it may actually look like your aura is extending in that direction or your hands will be very bright.
Technique 2: Technique 1 was just explaining how to do the basic Ki Blast. Once you learn how to fire a basic Ki Blast, you can customize it as much as you like. This is a custom technique I made up. Create a powerful Ki ball and put it to your side and charge it. Do a Ki Flame. Now, send the Ki Flame into your hands and make it go around your Ki ball. It should be like an energy ball thatís on fire. Blast the ball at your opponent, and have the flame that is surrounding the Ki Ball act as a beam but the ball should still have some of the flame around it. Remember, there are infinite ways of performing Ki Blasts. You should use different Ki Blasts for different situations and use whatever is more comfortable for you.

Ki Shield-
The Ki Shield is designed to block energy attacks, spirits, telepathy, empathy, and any spiritual harm you want it to. The Ki Shield will not be able to stop punched, or bullets, or pretty much anything physical, though if strong enough, it may be able to slow down the force of a punch or something, but not by much.
Technique 1: You can either stand up or sit down, but most people prefer standing up. This technique is very similar to the basic Power Up. Close your eyes (or open them if you are good at visualization) and perform the basic Power Up, except think of your energy as being solid and physical. You can visualize it to be whatever you want (I will use cement as an example). Have your Dan Tien, which should look like a ball of cement, expand throughout your whole body. Keep expanding it until your whole body is full of cement. Then, have the cement flow out of your body and consume you so that your whole body is covered with cement. You can think of the shield as any shape you want it to be. It can just be a covering around your body, a sphere, a diamond, a suit of armor, whatever you want. To make the shield more powerful, just add more Ki to it and do this technique for a longer time.
Technique 2: Stand up and close your eyes. Get into a deep, meditative state. Visualize and focus on your aura. Try feeling its presence. Next, send energy from out of your Dan Tien into your aura. Have your aura grow in size and intensity because of the energy that is getting sent to it. Send as much energy as you can into it, the more, the better.
Technique 3: Power up very high with the Ki Flame power up. Put all of your energy into your Ki Flame. Once you feel the Flame is powerful enough, change the shape of the Flame. You can make it look like a sphere, diamond, or a coat of energy around your body. The more energy you put into it, the stronger it will be. This is more of a temporary shield which could be used in battle or if you have to block against another energy attack.
Technique 4: This is also a temporary technique. It is designed for blocking an energy or spiritual attack. Create a Ki Ball. Have the Ki Ball flatten out so it is like a shield. You can make it circular, square, or diamond, it doesnít matter. Add as much energy as possible to it, have it be your main focus of concentration. Now, you can ďprogramĒ the Ki Shield, just like you can ďprogramĒ a Ki Ball. To do this, just mentally tell the Ki Shield what you want it to do. Like, will it to either block, deflect, or absorb the attack. Be creative and adapt this technique to the situation you are in.

Energy Transfer-
An energy transfer is when you send your Ki to someone else. If you can do a Ki Blast, then this technique shouldnít be too hard for you to do.
Technique 1: Here is a basic version of it. Put your hand straight out at your target. Now, send the Ki from your Dan Tien up through your chest and your arm and make it come right out of your hand and into the targetís Dan Tien. It should be like you are creating a Ki Ball in your targetís Dan Tien. This should restore the personís energy.
Technique 2: Put your hand straight out and fire a Ki Blast with a positive intention at your target. Think of the Ki Blast as being filled with positive energy. Fire it at the personís Dan Tien and think of it as adding its energy to the targetís Dan Tien.
Technique 3: This is a technique I use very often. I use this for both long and short range energy transfers. This is the long range version. You can do this while sitting or standing, whatever is more comfortable for you. It will help much more if you have been in contact with the target before and have felt his/her energy, or at least have seen a picture or know what the person looks like. It will also help if you know where the person is, like the city, state, country, and environment the person is in. And, it will help if the person you are sending the energy to knows that you are sending him/her energy and tries to receive it by drawing it in. Close your eyes and draw in energy (preferably grounding because you will constantly be connected to an energy source) and do a very powerful Ki Flame. Now, when you are ready, picture the Earth and slowly zoom into the personís location. Start off by looking at the country, then (if applicable) the state, then city or town, and then finally zoom all the way into the environment the person is in (a room, in a park, in a bed, etc). Once you can visualize this person, have your Ki Flame shoot up into the sky and fly to the person. Think of the Ki Flame as shooting down and spiraling around him/her. Have it go inside the person and merge with the personís aura and Dan Tien. Send everything inside you to the person, and he/she should be full with energy and should be able to sense your presence. This technique can be used in a great number of variations and uses, such as Ki attacks, Ki shields, healing, etc.

Healing is an amazing ability. Depending on the skill of the person, it can do things ranging from healing pain, to making cuts heal faster. It will help to know how to perform energy transfers before doing this technique, although it is not necessary.
Technique 1: This technique will focus on healing pain in yourself or another person. Draw in energy and power up. Put your hands over the area that hurts. Think of your Ki as golden and the energy of the area that hurts as red. Send your golden Ki into the red energy of the pain. Think of the golden energy as eating away the red energy. Once all the red energy is eaten up by the golden energy, fill up the area with some more golden energy. The pain should be gone.
Technique 2: This technique will focus on healing a bruise or a forming bruise in yourself or another person. Draw in energy and power up. Put your hands over the area that is bruised. Think of your Ki as golden energy. Put your hands over the bruise. Send the golden energy out of your hands and over the bruise. Think of your energy as eating away the bruise. The longer you do this for and the better the concentration and energy, the more the bruise will be healed. If done correctly, the bruise should be gone soon.
Technique 3: This technique will focus on speeding up the healing process of a cut in yourself or another person. Remember, if you have been working with energy, you will gain many health benefits. One of them is the ability to heal faster. So, you will automatically be healing faster, but to make it heal even faster, this technique will do the job. Also, remember that Ki Healing can never really replace medical treatment (in the majority of cases that is). Place your hand over the cut area. Do everything in Technique 1 if there is any pain. Then, send out golden threads of Ki onto the cut area. Have the golden threads sow your skin back together. Have the threads go through your skin and think of it tightening up your skin and closing it together. You should actually feel the skin getting pulled together over the cut. The longer you hold the skin together with your Ki threads, the better it will heal.

Ki Punch/Kick-
This is one of the most useful and effective Ki techniques you will learn. It is charging a punch or kick with Ki, which will increase the power and speed of the attack.
Technique 1: It helps to start this by drawing and powering up (like in every technique). Next, send Ki into your hands (for kicking, use your legs and feet instead of hands. You can also do the same thing for head butts or whatever attack you have in mind) the same way you would when making a Ki Ball. Send as much Ki as possible into your hands and think of the energy as being very powerful and devastating. It will also help to add Ki from around you into your hand. When you are ready you can start to punch. When you punch and make contact with the target, fire the Ki in your hand right through the opponent just like you would in a Ki Blast. This technique is basically firing a Ki Blast, except throwing a punch and making contact with the opponent. This technique takes a great amount of concentration, so practice it on a punching bag or something so that you can get used to punching with Ki. If done correctly, the punching power and speed should have increased dramatically. Also, if done with perfection, it can cause serious damage and even death.
Technique 2: As with most Ki techniques, there are a great number of ways to do it. Here is a variation that I like to do. Do a strong Ki Flame. Send the Ki Flame to your fists (and/or feet) and think of the Flames as extremely powerful and damaging. You can visualize them as being anything you really want, like boxing or grappling gloves. And, of course, when you attack the opponent, blast the Ki out and have it go through him/her.

Advanced and Custom Techniques

These techniques will just be some custom variations of techniques that I have made up, some experimental techniques, and some extremely hard techniques that may take years to master. Before you go onto these techniques, you should understand and be able to do all of the beginner and intermediate techniques.

Multiple Ki Blasts-
Technique 1: This is a technique that will use two hands to fire multiple Ki Blasts. Get into horse stance and power up and send Ki into each hand. Since you should be able to perform a Ki Blast pretty easily at this point, this technique is basically just putting Ki into each hand and firing them. The way I like to do it is, as I am firing one Ki Blast, I have the other hand charging for a Ki Blast. When I am done Ki Blasting with one hand, I thrust the other hand forward and fire that. As I am firing that, I am charging a Ki Blast with the other hand. You can keep repeating that for as long as you want (or as long as your energy will last). It helps to be grounded because if you arenít, you have a high chance of having a burnout.

This technique isnít very useful (in that you really wonít be able to fly around and stuff), but it is pretty cool and it is a good test of your will power and your ability to manipulate Ki. It is also a very hard technique to perform (I have only performed it a few times, and I didnít get very far with it). Spiritual and religious figures have been known to be able to levitate, as well as Tibetan monks.
Technique 1: Stand up and meditate. I find that doing this outside in nature makes this technique much easier to do (as with most techniques). Power up and have all of your Ki move up while still staying inside of your body. It should be like your Ki is pulling your body off the ground. It will take a long time, and you may fall down a few times in the process, but you should eventually get it.
Technique 2: Stand up and do a Ki Flame or Ki Shield. Think of the Flame or Shield as having physical effects. Now, have the Flame or Shield move up and pull you up with it.
Technique 3: Stand up and power up. When you have enough Ki, send all the Ki into your legs and push it out of your feet. Keep pushing as much Ki as possible out of your feet while trying to feel light and trying to move up.

Hyper Ki Flame-
This is an advanced and custom version of the Ki Flame that I use.
Technique 1: Get into horse stance or whatever makes you the most comfortable. Think of their being a spherical glass (or some kind of container) that is around your Dan Tien. Think of it as only being able to let Ki in and not out. Now, think of your Dan Tien as being a magnet for Ki. Have all of the Ki inside your body, in your aura, and around you get drawn into the glass and have it merge with your Dan Tien. Concentrate on your Dan Tien and have the glass compress very tightly (since your Dan Tien is inside it, your Dan Tien will get compressed). Compress it so tightly that it feels like it is going to explode. When you get to that point, have your Dan Tien explode and break the glass around it. It should keep expanding at an extremely fast rate. Your body shouldnít be able to contain the expanding energy, so the Ki should erupt from out of your body and explode out of it. Have it take the shape of a flame when it comes out.

Ki Shockwave-
This technique is firing a shockwave of Ki from out of your body in all directions.
Technique 1: You should have a decent amount of Ki stored in your Dan Tien. The more Ki in your Dan Tien, the more powerful this attack will be. For the best effects, I would say that you should use the drawing part of the Hyper Ki Flame technique. When you are ready, burst the Ki out of your Dan Tien. It should expand out of your body and keep expanding. Think of it as destroying everything that it touches. Have it keep expanding as far from your body as possible.
Technique 2: To do this technique, you need to have already done a Ki Shield or Ki Flame technique. When you have done the shield or flame, Have it form into a spherical shape around you and make it expand out into an attack.

Ki Blade-
Technique 1: Draw and power up. Put your hand out and keep your fingers straight out. Do the Ki Flame technique and send the flame to your hand. Have your hand on fire. Think of the flame as very strong and destructive energy. Now that your hand is mentally on fire with the Ki Flame, have the flame extend a couple of feet. It should be like there is a huge flaming blade that is on your hand. You have to keep your concentration on this at all times. When you slash or stab someone with this, it should give him the same effects as a Ki Blast. This is a good technique because although it may be a little weaker than a Ki Blast, you can keep slashing or stabbing with it. Plus, if you donít want it anymore, you can fire it forward like a Ki Blast.

Ki Beam-
Technique 1: Power up and put your hand in front of you and stick your index and middle finger up. Put all of your Ki into your arm and keep compacting Ki around you into your arm. When you are ready, put your hand forward and fire a constant beam of Ki out of your index and middle finger. Make the beam go through the opponent and have it keep firing through the opponent. Aim for and destroy your opponentís energy center (a chakra or Dan Tien). If done correctly, this should be a very devastating technique. Be careful with this.
Technique 2: Do the same thing as Technique 1, except when you fire the beam through an energy center, think of the beam as puncturing a hole in the opponent and creating an exit wound. Now, think of the beam as sucking the Ki out of the opponentís back.

Ki Control-
This is basically the same thing as the Ki Beam, just with a different purpose.
Technique 1: Do the Ki Beam technique (or something very similar) but aim for the Dan Tien and donít make the beam go through the opponent. Think of the beam as connecting to the opponentís Dan Tien. From here, you should basically have control of the opponentís Ki (if you are mentally stronger than the opponent). Now, this technique could be used to help the opponent, or attack him/her. If you want to damage the opponent, you can draw the opponentís Dan Tien from him/her and steal it. You can also just fire a bigger blast down the beam and hit the opponentís Dan Tien. If you are trying to help him/her, you can make the Dan Tien expand, resulting in a power up. You can also create a shield for the opponent by manipulating his/her energy. You can also send your own Ki to the opponentís Dan Tien.

Ki Radar-
This is a tricky technique that takes a lot of practice to master, but it can be very useful. It is using your Ki to feel people and even objects around you without using your eyes.
Technique 1: Go into a pretty big empty room. Close your eyes and have a friend in the room go to a random spot around you. Send out a shockwave of Ki (like a radar) and try to feel where the Ki shockwave gets disrupted. The part of the Ki shockwave that you feel is getting stopped at or if you feel it touch anything, then that means the person is in that direction. You can also do this with objects, though you will get a different feeling with them.

Omega Power up-
This was created by an old friend of mine (Scott A.K.A. Funky) and edited/customized by me. It is an extremely strong and long lasting power up, maybe the strongest. Donít really try this if you are not at a high mental and Ki level.
Technique 1:
Step 1: Circulate energy throughout your whole entire body and have your energy flow speed up.
Step 2: Send all of your energy into your arms and compact the energy together.
Step 3: Once all of your energy is compacted into your arms, put your arms straight out.
Step 4: Draw as much energy as possible into your Dan Tien. When you canít hold it anymore, burst it out into a power up. Then, repeat Step 2 once.
Step 5: By now, your arms should feel really heavy. Put your arms out to the side and make a T.
Step 6: Now, draw in golden energy (imagine it to be gold) into your arms. Keep on drawing the golden energy until your arms canít hold it anymore.
Step 7: Put your arms in front of your chest and create an X with your arms. Take all of the energy in your arms and compact it into your Dan Tien. Get it as compressed as possible.(If you want to do an Omega x2 or more, then just keep repeating step 6 until you get to the desired level. Then perform the following steps.)
Step 8: Now, keep charging your arms with Ki and have the Ki fill up your entire body. Make sure every part of your body is filled with Ki. Focus on the power and intensity of your Ki. Right now, your body should feel very weird and unstable because you have so much energy.
Step 9: Make your Dan Tien burst out, like it would in a Ki Flame. Have all of the energy from your Dan Tien and in your body erupt out into a flame.
Step 10 (Optional): You can repeat steps 2-8 as many times as you want to perform an Omega x2 or more. You can also just do a variation of the Omega x2+ by repeating steps 6-9.


Pyrokinesis & Cryokinesis-
Pyrokinesis is the ability to control fire or make something rise in temperature. Cryokinesis is the ability to control ice or to make something drop in temperature.
Technique 1: This is a simple way to use Pyrokinesis and Cryokinesis. All you have to do is light a candle and look at the flame. Meditate on the flame, but with your eyes open. Now, think of the energy of the flame as particles. Think of them as being red hot and flying around at amazing speeds. Now, think (and make) them slow down and turn blue. Keep concentrating on this, and if done correctly, the flame should be smaller or even put out. The same concept can apply to making a flame bigger, or starting a fire, you just make the particles faster and redder. You can also do this to a block of ice, or whatever. Though, I personally find Pyrokinesis to be very hard.
Technique 2: Sit down and light a candle. Meditate and focus only on the flame. Become one with the flame. Now, cup your hand next to a flame and visualize the flame being bent towards your hand. It should be like you are actually bending and not the flame. The flame is you, so you are bending which makes the flame bend (mentally, you arenít actually physically bending). You can also do this, draw the energy in from the flame and pull it towards you. If done correctly, the flame should be bent towards your hand.
Technique 3: Hold your hands as if making a Ki ball. Picture tiny droplets of water collecting from the atmosphere around you, and gathering into a seething, moving ball of water. Hold it in your hands for a moment, and then imagine a cold winter wind blowing through your hands, and freezing the ball into a ball of ice. Once done, you should feel your palms get cold. Other people will notice the change in temperature as well. To test this for sure, try it on a thermometer.
Technique 4: This is a very simple technique that can be used to influence the temperature of an entire room. Results will vary depending on how much skill you have, the temperature of the room, and the size of the room. At earlier levels, the most you will see is the temperature change by a degree or two, but as you practice it more and more, and develop more skill in it, the temperature change will be more dramatic. To do it, make a ki shield around yourself. Picture the particles in the shield coming to a screeching halt, and the entire shield icing over. Now, imagine the air in the room circulating through the shield and becoming cooler as it is circulated back out into the room. To make the room hotter, do the opposite and have the particles of the shield speed up and think of them becoming very hot.

Aerokinesis is the ability to control air and wind.
Technique 1: Stand in an open field, or a place where there is some wind. Meditate while standing and feel the wind. Close your eyes and feel the wind hit you. Then, think of the wind as waves in the air or whatever you want it to be. With your eyes clothes, think of the waves smashing into your back and going through you. Do this until you can feel wind blowing on your back. Now try to make the waves more powerful and make them try and knock you down. A strong gust of wind should have been created. Practice this until you can make the wind blow in any direction on you and be as strong as you want. Once this is mastered, try projecting wind on an object. A tree is a good example because you can see its leaves getting blown. Stare and the tree and imagine the waves coming at a fast rate and think of it going through the tree and make sure the waves keep going. Make a lot of waves and make them try to grow in strength. Try to make the power of the waves shake the branches of the trees. Keep trying this until you can create a wind powerful enough to knock somebody down.

Benefits of working with Energy

There are many benefits to working with energy besides gaining more martial art power. You will notice that once you start training with Ki, your illnesses will be much less severe and you may not even get sick at all. I really haven't been sick in about 5 years, so I can tell you this is no lie. Training with Ki also supposedly makes your lifespan longer. Another advantage to training with energy is that you will eventually start to develope strange abilities, like knowing what other people are thinking or just having knowledge that you never learned. You will gain a "sixth sense" meaning you can sense when things are going to happen. And one more advantage to Ki training is that you will have a much calmer mind and you will be more in control of your thoughts and your body in general.

For the glory of God!

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