Claris and Elliot were two normal kids who both wanted to be the best in what they loved to do.  Elliot Edwards loves basketball, and wants to be the best in the world. Claris Sinclair wants nothing more than to be in the local musical, Twin Dreams. Little did they know, this would be the beginning of a vast adventure throughout the land of Nightopia...
Claris and Elliot both have three different worlds in which they can go to.  In these worlds, they are helped by a warrior named NiGHTS. As NiGHTS, you must retrieve the four dream energies that Wiseman's henchmen have stolen. To do this, you must collect twenty blue chips and take them to the Ideya Capture. Once this is accomplished, you will recieve one of these valuable dream energies. Then you must return back to the Ideya Palace to advance to the next course. Once you beat all four courses, you go on to fight one of the Dream Bosses. You must defeat all of the bosses with both characters to go on to the final level, Twin Seeds of Growth, in which you do not play as NiGHTS, but as the one of the children themselves.
9.1.05 -  I got the domain name today, so I'm pretty happy about that. 

3.27.05 - So, not much new NiGHTSwise going on.  I'm thinking of making this a NiGHTS and Sonic page, that way there would at least be something to add once and a while.  Maybe I'll make another site for that, and leave this one "pure" NiGHTS.  The only thing really new to report on is Sega Superstars which is really fun.  For now I'm just enjoying my DS.
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