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Welcome, humans, to my violet planet (best viewed 1024x768, hehe). Here you will find information about myself and about anime. (Yes, ANIME. I know I have Sailor Moon buttons below, but they are just buttons; they go to things that aren't SM related. This site is for ALL anime! Manga too, for that matter. If you want Sailor Moon, click here.) This planet may contain spoilers and offensive material. If you are afraid of the truth, go back to your own ignorant planet. For those of you who are brave enough to open your mind to new, independent thoughts, please proceed forth and enjoy your stay. And don't forget to sign the guest book before you leave! If you see a red x where an image should be, try refreshing the page, and if that doesn't work, e-mail me to let me know what didn't load.
I talk/type a bit weird compared to you humans, so I'll provide a "key" so you may understand better:
~ = about
Note = no offence to everyone
(sp?) = I'm not sure about the spelling of the preceeding word
OMG = I know it usually means "oh my god," but I don't swear (and YES THAT IS SWEARING!) or believe in God unless I'm talking ~ myself (but why would I say "oh my god" then?), so when I say OMG, it means "oh my gosh."
Tis = I'm not trying to be Shakesperean when I use that word; tis merely a conjunction between "it" and "is" just like "don't" is a conjuction between "do" and "not." Yes I could use "it's" but that means I have to press an extra key (apostrophe), which I would prefer not to do!

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