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This page contains VB Language Reference charts and  A Free source code repository for VB enthusiasts

You are welcome to use my charts and  my code , however please give me credit for my work . I enjoy reading   email messages from those who assess this web page. I even try to answer their questions where I can. You can email me at [email protected]

I have started this web page to put up information and help for VB programmers which I never had when I began programming in VB .

I work as a Senior IT Specialist for  IBM  and do not always have the time to make the updates I would like to do so be patient and your patience will be rewarded.




WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)   Nico's Tutorial :- Introduction to the Art of Computer Programming

WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)    Nico's   tutorial  :- VB Language Basics

WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)    Nico's VB Language Chart1 (By Category)

WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)    Nico's VB Language Chart2 (By Command)

WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)    Nico's VBTutorial :- VB Language  API Calls

WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)    Hungarian Naming Convention

WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)    Event Handlers generated by Visual Basic

WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)    Nico's   SQL  Tutorial :-   Standard Query Language

WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)    Improve the Quality of your Software


WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)UML OOA / OOD   Reference   Page

              UML     :- Universal Modeling Language

WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)    Source Code

WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)    Take the Test

WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)    VB  Links

WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)    Tell Nico what you think



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