Be A Volunteer!
 The More-than-Many Ways to BE A VOLUNTEER!


  1. Be a Book Buddy or Music Minstrel. Read books to the children or tell them stories. Serenade them with your songs or accompany them on the guitar.
  2. Be their Recreational Playmate. Enjoy fun games and laughter with them in the playroom, park or outdoor playground.
  3. Be their Educational Field Trip Buddy. Visit museums, historical sites and other noteworthy places with the children.
  4. Be their Cultural Excursions Buddy. Attend plays, concerts and other variety presentations with the children.
  5. Celebrate Life with them. Join them for birthday parties and their many inspiring thanksgiving gatherings.


  1. Be a Cancer Fund Donor. Initiated to provide monetary assistance for chemo-therapy and other related medical procedures such as CT scan, laboratory or blood exams.
  2. Be a Non-Cancer Fund Donor. Since Kythe's care extends to other pediatric in-patients, a Non-Cancer Fund was initiated to provide monetary assistance towards medicines and medical procedure.
  3. Be a Child Life Advocate. Invite or refer us. Set us up logistics for seminars, lectures, campaigns, and presentations in schools, offices, hospitals; for students, caregivers, clubs, and organizations. Help us spread our wings.
  4. Be a Kythe Operations Supporter. Through the generous support-in- kind fro our donors, our playroom has blossomed from a run-down bodega to safe haven of fun for our kids. We could always use that extra table or chair, an extra coat of paint; as weel as art materials, playthings, and toys by which the children derive their joys.




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