Kythe's vision of strengthening hope in pediatric cancer patients and their families is embodied by its Child Life Program. The program has three main goals. First, to promote optimum development by supporting age- appropriate development. Second, minimize the psychological trauma by helping patient in their families maintain their normal routine. Lastly, to give total quality care from the time of disclosure up to the time the child survives, or in some cases even after the child died.

It does this trough several ways, one is giving emotional support via family counseling. Patients are also provided activities to relieve stress and distract them from the pain. And even recovery is no longer possible, Kythe still provides by visiting them at home and counseling the family. Monetary assistance and bereavement counseling is given to the families of those who do not survive.

But it doesn�t stop there, Kythe also aims to increase awareness about pediatric oncology through education and research. On campus campaigns in school are done through seminars. Kythe train volunteers on how to care for pediatric patients and their families, as well as staff from other hospitals who would like to set up it�s own Child Life Program It also has a library valuable resource materials and supports further researches in the field of pediatric oncology.

The multi-disciplinary approach at the Tumor Clinic is holistic because the patient is treated not only for his physical pain but for the patient�s emotional, social and spiritual pain as well. The family is involved because when one member of the family is sick, all the other members share the pain. Kythe, therefore, has programs that involve different specialists and also involves the whole family, not just the patient, for a complete and comprehensive treatment.



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