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"A couple of years back I bought a Remington Steele Video, with the episodes Thou Shalt Not Steele and Etched in Steele on it.  To be honest I bought it because of Pierce Brosnan, but as my collection grew (slowly) I sort of became a fan of the series.  I liked the way it showed how hard it was for women to do what they wanted (in a mans world).  Also I admire the character of Mildred Krebbs, I love the way she was so suttle.  Obviously I liked the characters of Remington Steele and Laura Holt, their friendship and chemistry."

"As you have probably read from above I am a fan of Remington Steele.  This site was created so other fans can read and find out more about the series.  I am not making any money from this website, it has been made purely for entertainment purposes. Thankyou"
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