Date of Birth: 8th October 1956
Location of Birth: New York, USA
Lived: Encino, CA

Attended Foxcroft High School in Middleburg, Virginia.  Enrolled at the Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles after high school and studied dance at the Dance Center West in Los Angeles.  She studied in the drama division of the Juilliard School and took voice lessons for three years.
1977: In the Matter of Karen Ann Quinlan
           Yesterday's Child
           The Gathering
1978: The Magic of Lassie
            Long Journey Back
1979: The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal
            The Best Place to Be
1980: Golden Moment: The Olympic Love Story
            The Awakening
            The Babysitter
1981: Elvis and the Beauty Queen
1982: Tomorrow's Child
1985: Love on the Run
           A Letter to Three Wives
1987: Remington Steele: The Steele that Wouldn't Die
           Celebration Family
1989: The Man in the Brown Suit
1990: Caroline
1991: The Story Lady
            The Killing Mind
1992: Sexual Advances
            Breaking the Silence
1993: Jericho Forever
1994: Voices from Within
           Indecent in a Small Town
1995: The Great Elephant Escape
           Who's Daughter is She?
1996: Stop the World: I Want to get off
           Dead Ahead
1997: Prison of Secrets
1999: Tripwire
            Intimate Portrait: Michelle Lee
2000: Bread and Roses
           Borderline Normal
2001: Malpractice
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