Born: 16th May 1953
Location: County Meath, Ireland
Lived: London

Studied acting at the Drama Centre in London.  Did some stage work before landing a role in the "Manions of America" which led to his role in "Remington Steele."  Unfortunatley "Remington Steele" contracts stopped him from becoming James Bond in 1986, but he was able to get the role in 1995 (Goldeneye).  At present he is married to Keely Shaye Smith (2001) and he has 5 children, Christopher, Charlotte, Sean, Dylan and Paris.
1979: Resting Rough
1980: The Long Good Friday
           The Mirror Crack'd
            Murphy's Stroke
            The Professionals: Blood Sports
            Hammer House of Horror: The Carpathian Eagle
1981: Manions of America
1982: Nancy Astor
1982 - 87: Remington Steele
1986: Nomads
1987: The Fourth Protocol
1988: Noble House
           The Deceivers
1989: Around the World in 80 days
           The Heist
1991: Murder 101
           Mr. Johnson
           Victim of Love
1992: The Lawnmower Man
           Live Wire
1993: Death Train (Detonator 1)
           Mrs Doubtfire
           The Broken Chain
           Don't Talk to Strangers
1994: Love Affair
           Robinson Crusoe
1995: Nightwatch (Detonator 2)
1996: The Mirror Has Two Faces
           Mars Attacks!
1997: Dante's Peak
           Tomorrow Never Dies
1998: The Quest For Camelot
           The Dissapearance of Kevin Johnson
           The Nephew
1999: The Match
           The Thomas Crown Affair
           Grey Owl
           The World is Not Enough
2000: Dolphins
2001: The Tailor of Panama
2002: Die Another Day
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