Welcome to my sad page.

The poems on this page were written when I was feeling hurt and upset.

Feeling Hurt.
Cant you see I love you
You're tearing me apart
I gave you my heart
I thought you would treat it differently
And you weren't the same as the rest
You were kind and gentle
I knew you were the best
It always seems to start this way
But it never ends the same
It always seems to happen but no-one is to Blame..

My Heart beats For You At Night.
Just when i believed in you and me
Something happened
I felt a change
I wanted to hold those special nights
We had spent together talking
But I can't
I want to hold the memories of what was said
but they just keep confussing my mind
I wish that I could have given you something more
Heaven only knows what we thought love was
You said you would never cause me pain
But all i'm doing is hurting
There's something missing in my life
And the question still remain's why!
As people say life goes on
Maybe they are right
But my lonely heart still beats for you at night...

The One.
You were the best thing that happened to me
That's how I knew you were the one
But now that's all changed
You've hurt me in a way I can't explain
My love for you has died
My feelings for you are gone there is nothing left inside
I gave you my heart filled with warm thoughts and love that was true
Hoping you would treat it gently
But you didn't
I've been hurt before
But you hurt me in a way that it broke my heart in two!!

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